Call me Russ L

Darn Sarf

Posted in Modern Living, Music by Russ L on 13 September, 2007

I’ve spent more time than is necessary before now trying to decide what I define as a ‘holiday’ and never come up with a solid answer (I think it might be to do with the number of nights you spend away from home, but I can’t put a definite number on it), but whichever way up I’ve been to visit Genie and Dan and their animals in Fareham. It was lovely. We went to Brighton (cheers to Chris & Trudy for their hospitality), which is absolutely beautiful, and there we saw a gig without many people (it’s good to know that doesn’t just happen in Birmingham. Actually, no. It’s not good. It’s bad). It doesn’t feel right to be going on about bands in a Wot I Done On Me Holidays (or not-holidays, as above) post, so I’ll just say that Extravagatron were fun and none of the other bands really stood out to me.

They don’t half talk funny down south, though. Really, really funny.



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