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Moseley Folk Festival 2007 – Sunday

Posted in Music by Russ L on 10 September, 2007

My waffling about the previous day of this event can be read here.

Sunday came and Mizoke Fizolk proceeded apace. Biltone opened affairs and were amazing. A Walker Brothers/Scott Walker-esque fashioning of deep voices and lush arrangements, but with a psychedelic edge added to things to boot. Very mournful and sombre (something they seemed almost apologetic about), but beautiful. My band of the day, and second best new discovery of the weekend (after Martha Tilston).

I didn’t realise (until I looked at her entry in the programme immediately before her set) that Susan Dillane (next on the Lunar Stage) was/is the singer of Woodbine, whose “Best Before” album I quite liked when it was sent to me a few years ago to review for The Communion. Sadly, she wasn’t anywhere near as interesting here, playing mumbly dull songs without a hint of charisma. She couldn’t have made more of a contrast with Men-An-Tol back over on the main stage. Their energetic and stompy folk-rock bought a bit of oomph that was lacking from a lot of the weekend and proved to be great fun. They seemed to look the part, too.

Eddy Morton turned out to be one of those completely everyday and ordinary artists who somehow struck a chord with me on some level. Standard singer-songwriter ‘im ’n’ ‘is guitar, style, but likeable. I can’t tell you what in particular it was (songs about haunted pubs in Stourbridge probably didn’t hurt) and I can perfectly well imagine not liking him on another occasion, but here I liked him and judging by the applause so did a lot of others.

Overheard immediately afterwards – Susan Dillane (whose party was sitting near me): “He wasn’t better than me, was he?” Hanger-on: “No way!”

It was over to the back of the field after this, for more of Tyburn Jig and their swashbuckling tales. You’ll probably have gathered now that the stories told by men dressed as pirates were one of the main highlights of this festival for me. Fun for kids and grown-ups alike, and I’d definitely love to see them booked at more events.

Back main-stage-wards for Jim Moray. The blurb for him in the programme seemed to suggest that he was more electronic-influenced (‘folktronica’ they’re calling it now. I remember the period between back when this was all fields and the present time. They called it ‘laptop folk’ then) than he turned out to be. In actuality, he and his associates played a traditional-but-done-modern/poppy style, which really brought Seth Lakeman to my mind. Enjoyable, but I did leave a little bit before the end for another blast of Tyburn Jig.

By the time I returned, John Power was on the main stage and sounding surprisingly full of life and surprisingly less nasal than you’d expect from the man who once sang in the absolutely revolting Cast. Folksy rock’n’roll, of a sort; I’m not going to pretend it was anything amazing but I liked him a lot more than was expecting to.

I was originally looking forward to seeing The Old Dance School again (this time on the main stage), but at aroundabout this point I was informed that Chinook was imminently due to play in the Bohemian Jukebox tent and promptly decided that I was all about going to see Chinook play in the Bohemian Jukebox tent. Struggling against the volume of the main stage drifting around the place though he was, the magic of his pretty guiter pluckin’ shone through and his words… oh, his words. He really is one of the best lyricists going aroundabout now.

I returned back downwards for Adem (i.e. the one from Fridge who isn’t the one from Four Tet), who sounded pretty interesting – what seemed to initially be basic and straightforward songs actually weren’t, with a few more things going on. I was soon distracted, sadly, by the realisation that I no longer had The Annual Folk Festival Hat on my person. Blast! Where did I put it down? A scout around completely failed to restore it to my presence.

Being tired and exceedingly sad about hat-loss, I decided to bail out at this point. There were a few more bands to go and I’m sure they were lovely, but that was it for me. Great, great fun, though. I’m looking forward to next year.

Links to everything can be found here.


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  1. helen said, on 11 September, 2007 at 4:01 pm

    It was only a hat!


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