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Rock ‘n’ Rainboll

Posted in Music by Russ L on 14 August, 2007

The Rainbow is a very cool pub, and since its recent-ish renovation there seem to be a lot of interesting gigs going on there. I don’t generally know about them until they’ve actually happened, of course, as it seems that quite a lot of them aren’t advertised any further than posters on the back wall inside.

Hurrah, then, for Kamikaze Events (I hadn’t heard of them before), whose promotional efforts actually managed to catch my attention for this first night of their new 444 club (£4, four bands, revelry continuing until four in the morning). I would say that the good turn-out supported this, but having just read the blurb on TheirSpace that could be pure co-incidence. It appears they’re only interested in bands if they have “strong local fanbases of 50+”. Hmmm.

The gigs at the Rainbow take place in the little courtyard (I would say ‘beer garden,’ but there’s no grass. There is a palm tree, if that helps) out the back, which is pretty cool. There’s a retracting roof thingy in case it rains (I bet it gets hot when they shut that, though. Fortunately wasn’t a problem on this particular night) and a barbeque/burger grill type thing. Genius ideas.

I’d never seen The Velvet Texas Cannonball before, but someone had in the past had told me that they were rubbish. This someone was wrong. Slightly psyche-y blues rock (Cream meeting earlier Deep Purple, perhaps), and very good with it. Their opening song had a daylight robbery of a lift from Rip Rig & Panic’s “You’re My Kind Of Climate,” but I suppose if you’re going to jack a riff then I applaud that as a choice. Visually they all looked like they belonged in different bands, which added something in a strange sort of way. Thumbs up.

Swampmeat were a duo consisting of a fella from The Big Bang (more on them soon, quite possibly) dressed up all retro-fied while singing and playing electro-acoustic guitar, and some kind of sea-mammal on drums. Their songs came out like a really engaging sped-up Memphis Country Rock, with some interesting lyrics that seemed to fit really well with the whole theme. Even more enjoyable.

Bee Stung Lips were next. Carnage. Absolute carnage. Their frantic and screamy (but catchy) JesusLizardeatinghteirownfaces punk seemed even better than on the previous two times I’ve witnessed it, yes, but at this gig their followers were more important. This was a lesson in how a small group of people can create havoc. I was paying more attention to them than the band, on the whole (readers will decide for themselves whether they think that’s good, bad or indifferent. I had fun), but that shouldn’t be taken as a reflection on Bee Stung Lips. Absolute chaos. It was ace.

Not every band could follow that, but obviously Copter were up to the task. Their StonesC5 Brown testifying soul’n’roll exists at a different end of ‘gloriously ludicrous’ to Bee Stung Lips, but glorious they are nonetheless. The redemptive preacher after the vision of hell, perhaps. Still no sign of this robot they’re supposed to have, though.

The Baron also wrote about this one, and he wrote about it here.



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