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Homer’s Odd, Y’see

Posted in Films by Russ L on 1 August, 2007

I’m not a devotee of Going To The Pictures. I’m not a huge film fan to begin with, of course, but I think that if you are going to watch one then a cinema is a bad place to do so. Afficionados tend to look at me askance for this opinion, but I would more-or-less always prefer to watch a picture at home when I can pause it and have a little wander about when I’m bored, not have to sit amongst the ever-irritating public, and not get seven shades of purple frightened out of me whenever there’s a close-up of someone’s face. So large. So very large.

Still, occasionally needs must. I quite like The Simpsons, don’tchaknow, and felt the need to go and see the film version as soon as possible (I say the film version, but apparently the official title is The Simpsons Movie. I’m don’t hold with the term ‘movie’ in place of ‘film’. Didn’t we move on to ‘talkies’ some decades ago? Plus there’s the fact that it’s one of those terms that gives the impression of Wannabe-Americana when used exclusively. It’s like ‘store’ instead of ‘shop’ – used occasionally it doesn’t create any sort of effect, but when someone employs it every time it becomes really very annoying. This is an American film, of course, but it’s like they’re forcing our hand. I digress…). I headed on down to the Showcase at The Village in Dudley, to see my first film in a picture-house since ”Hitchhikers…”

Well… It was alright. I was wondering beforehand if they’d attempt to do something a bit more cinematic or if it’d just be an episode of The Simpsons that lasted for three times the usual length, and it was absolutely the latter. It seemed quite loose and slack at times, with things thrown in for no clear or obvious reason (I won’t spoil anything, but ‘Alaska’ could’ve been anywhere if they hadn’t wanted to get the ‘thousand dollars’ joke and a couple of snow bits in; Lisa’s little sub-plot went absolutely nowhere at all), and with efforts to include as many of the lesser characters as possible – however briefly – often seeming a bit unnecessary (I wholeheartedly approve of Cletus getting two scenes, though).

But! It was quite funny. Not all-out hilarious, but quite funny.

So that’s alright then.


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  1. The Baron said, on 5 August, 2007 at 3:49 pm

    Spot on Russ, it was all over a bit too quickly…It would’ve been nice if they’d been a bit more ambitious with it all. It just felt like a slightly longer version of an old episode…more of a 12 inch remix than a new LP…CD…whatever they are now. Full marks for the ‘Homer’s Odd, Y’see’ title though…the best I could come up with was Pla”Doh’s” Republic.


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