Call me Russ L


Posted in Combat Sports by Russ L on 25 June, 2007

It was a big weekend for fightin’, but for me the UFC (Penn vs Pulver might have been one that would have greatly interested me if I’d being paying attention), that farce involving Kimbo Slice and Ray Mercer, and K1 in Holland were all overshadowed by Hatton vs Castillo. I saw it in the Sports Cafe on Broad Street (for non-locals, Broad Street is what might be considered Brum’s nightlife quarter. An unpleasant area, generally filled with people who talk in slogans and think in… well, don’t think at all). There’s only one Ricky Hatton, one Ricky Hatton, one Ricky Haaaaatton, there’s only one Ricky Haaaa-ton. Who next for him? I have a feeling it’ll be Malignaggi, although apparently the bookies favour a fight against Cotto.

In honour of this momentous achievement and because I do like a body shot KO, I link to the final round.

In the name of further body-blow KO appreciation and also because it’s quite funny, I link to Aerts vs Sapp from the K1, too. Big Bob got a quarter of a million dollars for that spectacular display, apparently.



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