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Amateurs, but not amateurish

Posted in Combat Sports by Russ L on 20 June, 2007

The second AMMA card took place in The Holte Suite of the Villa Ground on Sunday the 17th of June, and it wasn’t half good.

I enjoyed the first one no end, and this surpassed it if anything. This particular version of amateur MMA (for there are many) takes standard USAC style rules and runs fights over 2×5 minute rounds and then further prohibits strikes to the head on the ground, elbows to the head while standing, heel hooks, and spine-based submissions. Never mind the precise rules, though – it’s a well-run show with good match-ups and a great atmosphere.

The results are here (all under said amateur rules apart from the main event of Vaughn Harvey vs Antonio Jazbutis, which was under full pro rules). As with last time highlights are hard to pick, although the clash between Dan Korbely and Kurt Taylor was probably my fight of the night. I’ve written about Danny K before (this is the fourth time I’ve seen him fight now) and in my (insignificant, ain’t worth nowt) opinion I really think he has the potential to go far. In this case he was giving up a significant height advantage, but after some initial reverses held his own on his feet until an unfortunate stoppage was forced when Kurt dislocated his thumb in the second round. Not the ideal ending, but a great fight. I’d certainly like to see a rematch someday.

Chris Gary vs Aaron Brown and Nick Atwal vs David Drake provided a couple of spectacular knockouts, Farrid Mohammed was great to watch due to the sheer intensity he brought to the ring, and Vaughn Harvey brought his winning streak up to six fights and proved he really should be on the bigger shows.

Great stuff from start to finish.

(Edit: There are links to some photos here).



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