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Pfft, kids these days with their MTV and their boob-tubes and their illegal downloading of music and their willingness to acknowledge that there’s more than one side to a debate.

Posted in Modern Living, Music by Russ L on 18 June, 2007

I found this one via Jez. Andrew Dubber is a lecturer at the University Of Central England, and by most accounts a respected figure amongst those that (for some reason) find themselves interested in the escapades of The Music Business. Paul Birch is involved with Revolver records (presumably the one that re-released the fantastic Intention album and not the one associated with Bruce Springsteen. I could be wrong, though) and with various official ‘representatives of The Music Business’ type bodies (IFPI, BPI, KFC etc).

The former, it seems, once linked to an article which detailed the attempt of an individual to counter-sue The Music Business (personified by the RIAA), and which had a somewhat scathing tone regarding The Music Business’ response to downloading. The latter, it seems, felt the need to email the former with A) a request to remove said link; and B) a barely veiled threat to carry tales to his employer about a supposed lack of impartiality. It’s worth noting that Mr Dubber’s blog doesn’t appear to be a part of or funded by the UCE in any way at all.
It’s stunning, it really is. The precise point of difference is by-the-by, it’s the tactics employed that amaze me (and not in a good way). These people wonder why the tide of public has turned against them on one hand, while cack-handedly attempting to suppress anything that could even vaguely be qualified as dissent (I’m not convinced ‘linking to a critical report’ could even vaguely be qualified as dissent, but we’ll proceed for the sake of argument) with the other. There’s no attempt to dispute or debate any fact or argument laid out in said article. It’s merely a case of “Shut up or I’m telling.”

If your man Birch intends to act in such a childish manner then it seems quite fun to follow suit, but that’s far from the only reason for me to do this: Here’s a link to said article. It may seem innocuous enough (it certainly did to me), but I certainly don’t think it should be buried just because certain folk have got the hump and decided to attempt intimidation. I hope many others choose to link to it too.

(Edit: According to P’Ashton, The Stone Roses once threw a bucket of paint over Birch-y Boy for releasing a single of theirs without permission. You couldn’t make it up).



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