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Posted in Food, Stage by Russ L on 17 June, 2007

Two restaurant trips took place recently, although both are establishments I’ve written about before. Earlier this week I went to the Chiquito in Bentley (between Walsall and Wolves). It was as good as usual and I have nothing to say that I haven’t said before. Definitely my favourite chain restaurant, though. We discovered that they have a magician there on Sunday afternoons. That sounds like fun to me.

Last night a trip was made to Café Soya for Father’s Day purposes (yes, I know Father’s Day is today). This is another one I’ve written about many times before. The food is always fantastic. It’s always seemed quite echo-y and loud in there, though, and that was really apparent this time. Others in our party complained about the waiters randomly refilling some of our glasses but not others’, but since I got the better of it I don’t mind so much.

On Friday night I went to The Hippodrome to see a bit of the Birmingham Royal Ballet, dahling. I’ve never really been that much of one for interpretive dance and I still wouldn’t pretend to ‘get’ it, but I’ve enjoyed the various bits and bobs I’ve seen over the last couple of years. This was the BRB’s ‘Summer 2007 Mixed Bill’ and tickets were my birthday present for Nyki.

Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons was first, given a sporting theme. I can’t say I was enthralled by this, although the little visual joke referring to that famous picture of the tennis player scratching her arse made me chuckle. The Nine Sinatra Songs (a few of which I’d already seen at last year’s Artsfest) were a lot more fun, though, veering between playful and intense like the great man himself. The violent “That’s Life” was great, as was the (deliberately) nervous and awkward “Something Stupid.” Having all of the couples on stage at once to provide a sort of sensory overload during the big orchestral swell at the end of the closing “My Way” was a great touch, too. Pineapple Poll finished things off, a nautical tale of a flower-seller girl falling in love with the captain of a ship and impersonating a sailor to get nearer to him, all the while pursued by the lovelorn potman from the local pub. Very silly but absolutely loads of fun. Happy ending, too.

So yes, I still don’t understand dance (as well you can tell from my attempts to write about it), but I had lots of fun.


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  1. Ben said, on 19 June, 2007 at 5:31 pm

    I won’t hear a bad word said about Cafe Soya. Missed out on it when we were in Brum at the beginning of the month due to a crippling hangover, but I’m bound to pay it at least one visit when I’m up for Supersonic…


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