Call me Russ L

“… Frightening the lad to death like something from ‘On The Buses’…”

Posted in Modern Living, Stage by Russ L on 7 June, 2007

Blimey, I nearly forgot about Ballet On The Buses. This is what I get for doing digest posts that take me out of strict chronological order. I am, in fact, that thick.

A part of the Fierce Festival (I didn’t see any of the rest of it) saw the Birmingham Royal Ballet performing on and then outside of an old routemaster bus. I can’t explain it in any more detail than that, but if you can’t see what’s wonderful about this idea then I despair.

I smiled and was made happy. Photos a-plenty are linked from here.

People still say nothing cultural or interesting happens in Birmingham. I don’t get it, I really don’t.


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