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Posted in Blogstuff, Food, Music by Russ L on 15 April, 2007

A quick round-up post, methinks. I haven’t felt a lot of enthusiasm for doing this just lately (this may or may not be apparent from the even-lower-than-usual standard of writing), but I’m off on holiday next week (hurrah!) so I want to be up to date before then.

There’s been food and drink. Maxine took me to Las Iguanas as a belated birthday present (that’s not so bad. It was only at this outing that I actually handed over her Christmas present…), which despite being a generally South American (rather than specifically Mexican) place really reminded me of Chiquito. I don’t know why. It just did. I had a tiger prawns in lemon type thing for a starter, anyway, and steak fajitas for a main. All very nice. The tortillas were a little bit on the small side, though. Last Saturday, following another nice pie at The Old Joint Stock, I went with the parentals to the Moseley Beer Festival, which (despite going in the middle of the afternoon) I was expecting to be a hell of a lot more busy than it was. I’m told they were a lot busier at other times in the weekend, though. Quite a few nice things were sampled, with ‘Spring Zing’ from Hopback being a highlight.

There’s been music. I went to The Civic on Sunday the 8th. Very short preliminary sets from 4Sure (locals, of ‘X-Factor’ fame. I really wanted to like them more than I did) and Megan Rochell (someone get that girl a pie) passed by without fireworks. Boyz II Men were my main reason for going, although when I actually stopped and thought about for a moment I realised that the only song of theirs I knew was “End Of The Road” (I do love that a lot, though). A few more seemed familiar during their set, though, and they were quite fun. Not amazing but quite fun. Joint-headlining with them and on last was Brian McKnight, none of whose music or hits I could recall at all. Nothing he sang sounded familiar, either, but it didn’t seem any great loss – R. Kelly style “Lots of emoting, very little emotion” type stuff. Last night I went to Symphony Hall, to hear some Elgar courtesy of the Philharmonia under Sir Andrew Davis. I got as indignant as the next man about them taking old Eddie off the back of the twenty in this of all years, but the thought occurred that I’d never actually been to hear any of his music performed. We got “Prelude And Angel’s Farewell” from “The Dream Of Gerontius,” the “Sea Pictures” song cycle, and after the interval his 1st Symphony. I enjoyed the first two a lot, but got a bit lost during the actual symphony – there’s a lot, and I mean a lot, to try and follow. It might be one to sit down with a bit more; perhaps familiarity will make the themes easier to track.

So there you go. Nothing worth reading there, but I’m up to date now and can thus bugger off to Stranraer for a bit. Cheerio, gang.

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  1. throughsilver said, on 15 April, 2007 at 7:27 pm

    It’s not just ‘End of the Road’, brother. You’ve got ‘Motownphilly’, ‘I’ll Make Love to You’, err- other stuff…

  2. Maxine said, on 15 April, 2007 at 10:55 pm

    Have fun on your hols, hun! Send me a postcard!


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