Call me Russ L


Posted in Music by Russ L on 8 April, 2007

I went to the Sealife Centre in Birmingham. This isn’t really a lot to do with the main body of this post, but I don’t think I can spin a separate one out of it. I liked the otters, seahorses and giant turtles the most.

On Saturday the 31st of March I went to see Thea Gilmore at The Little Civic in Wolverhampton. I missed supporting artiste Erin McKeown, which is a shame since she was either going to be really fantastic or really embarrassing if the songs on the player on her website are anything to go by. What I can tell you is that she’s about 4’6”, and that includes a good few inches of hair.

Thea, anyway. I’m not an expert in her works by any means and don’t have any of her albums, but I’ve always liked all the odds ‘n’ ends I’ve heard and have been meaning to have a proper examination for ages. In short, she was great. Her voice is lovely – very strong and clear, allowing you to make out every word (I am phenomenally bad at making out words, ordinarily), and with only a slight hint of the Celtic accent adopted by rote by many artists of this type (slight enough for it to sound natural). Her songs are great – engaging affairs with lyrics that often seemed like they might be quite interesting (even if the last one in the main set did get a bit “shout along with my slogans”). Her on stage manner is likeable – even if she did make the cardinal sin of thinking Bilston and Wolverhampton were the same town.

Regional faux par aside, her set was fantastic. Yet another one to pay attention to.



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