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I hate this time of year

Posted in Music by Russ L on 31 March, 2007

It was, ahem, a certain day of the year. I don’t want to talk about that. Misgivings aside, celebrations were needed. After a trip to Café Soya (I’ll come back to that, although probably only briefly) Nyki, Trig and myself headed over to Moseley, where we were due to meet Matt and ‘Chelle at The Epic Skate Park for The Destroyers gig.

The problem with this cunning plan was that we couldn’t find the bleeder. I knew that it was on the left as you approach The Jug Of Ale, and assumed it would be obvious from the outside. Nope. After going up on the bus, walking back down to Balsall Heath, then walking back up again (milling around outside our target at one point but not realising what it was), we came to that familiar “Sod this for a game of tin soldiers” conclusion and repaired into The Jug for to have a quick drinky and wait for someone to come and save us. Matt and ‘Chelle turned up after a while and led us forth, rolling their eyes but also ever-so-slightly amused at our uselessness.

If have prepared a diagram for anyone else ever intending to go there. It’s probably useless but never let it be said that I don’t try.

The runnings of the gig were as late as ours, so although Mooncoin were already on by the time we eventually got there we hadn’t actually missed any acts. I have to be honest – with my attention occupied by important tasks like figuratively slapping ourselves about the head for our earlier stupidity (we’d been right outside the damn place) and adjusting to the surreal nature of seeing a folk act in a little room inside a great big skatepark (this is very, very surreal), I didn’t take ‘em in too clearly. Instrumental fiddle ‘n’ flute type stuff, which didn’t seem especially interesting but I dunno.

I dug Samba Central a lot more. A gang with drums (and a whistle) doing Brazilian drumming type stuff. Highly energetic, and pretty interesting when they started to combine some more breakbeat-styled rhythms. I enjoyed them, and remembered thinking it’d be great to see them collaborating with some other different acts.

This they then proceeded to do, adding their tuppence-worth to a few songs at the beginning of The Destroyers set. Hurray! It worked beautifully. I was somewhat plastered by this point and so critical faculties may have been suspended, but The Destroyers seemed as great as ever. You don’t need to hear me waffle on about them yet again anyway. Boo sucks to certain others in our party for organising a certain-day-of-the-year shout-out from the stage for me. They know who they are. Vengeance will be attained.

This post was informative, eh? It’s hardly surprising, given the state I was in. I did draw that map, give me that at least.


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  1. Maxine said, on 1 April, 2007 at 9:48 am

    That map was awesome, thank you! I got there first time! Parked right outside in time to catch the last three bands. YLIAG brought back good memories!

  2. Russ L said, on 1 April, 2007 at 2:21 pm

    You had fun, then? Good good. I bet you’d have found the place without assistance, you’re clever like that.


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