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Gone poachin’

Posted in Food by Russ L on 31 March, 2007

We went to Café Soya for a meal prior to the aforementioned Destroyers gig. This is another one of those where I enjoyed it no end, but don’t have anything to say that I haven’t before. It’s definitely worth giving a try, though. I love the place.

Earlier this week I had my dinner (‘lunch’ if you really must) at The Old Joint Stock. This has long been probably my favourite pub in town, even if I don’t find myself in there too often – gorgeous high ceiling and nice décor, with a selection of well-kept ales that you don’t find in too many establishments around here. I’d never tried the food there before this, though.

I wasn’t disappointed. I had ‘Poachers Pie,’ containing venison, rabbit, duck and pheasant (all cooked till tender but not overdone) in a lovely red wine and redcurrant sauce. Absolutely delicious. The accompanying chips were enormous (more like potato wedges) and the accompanying vegetables not overcooked (the bane of my life, sloppy vegetables are). If I’m to desperately try and come up with something critical then the puff pastry topping the pie was a bit too crisp to actually be able to eat much of, disintegrating as it did into the tiniest crumbs at the slightest hint of cutlery pressure, but that’s pushing it really. Highly enjoyable when washed down with a pint of London Pride, and I hope to try a few more things on their menu as soon as possible. Russ L Recommends.


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