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Mothertrucker on Mother’s Day

Posted in Music by Russ L on 28 March, 2007

Getting behind with this again, oh mercy. There may have to be some round-up style posts. Obviously I can’t even dream about going to something and not mentioning it on the internet. I get the shakes even considering that.

It was down to the old Sunflower Lounge on Sunday the 18th, where there was more furniture in the downstairs room than on previous occasions I’d been there. Neither of the first two bands amazed me, but they both had their moments. You, Me, Dominoes were a duo playing melancholic indie-pop, with some interesting little ideas and harmonies amongst some rambling songs and monotone singing. Io played your typical Pelican-style instrumental metal, with a few cool riffs and things amongst the usual “I know exactly what’s going to happen next” style of songwriting.

Mothertrucker headlined and y’all know what I think about them by now. Collapse-O-Drums and a dufus of a soundman aside (the sound itself wasn’t bad, just the fact that he seemed to forget the job he was doing and wandered off for a while. I shouldn’t be cynical, he was probably off saving some important and especially fluffy kittens from a burning building or such), this was a typically storming set from them and worthy of all of the usual effusive praise I use and y’all get bored of reading. The gradual process of revealing new songs one by one to the public continued with “Liddel/Couture III” (surely the greatest song title since Oi Polloi’s “Fuck Everyone Who Voted Tory”), which was a bouncy-then-destructive affair after the fashion of their “Creeping Leffe.”

Great band, blah blah blah, go and see ‘em, waffle waffle waffle, you know the drill. Please don’t dismiss them because I go on about them so frequently and you’re bored of hearing it. They’re ace.



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