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Train-ing takes it out of you

Posted in Combat Sports by Russ L on 27 March, 2007

An interesting fact about the 17th of March: it’s not just St. Patrick’s Day, it’s also Muay Thai Day. How about that then?

It was also the day before Mothers Day this year, and so a trip to Chiquito took place at dinnertime for celebratory purposes. It was as nice as ever, but I don’t really have a lot to say about it that I haven’t said before.

This particular 17th was also the occasion of Angrrr Management‘s “Wired” MMA card, and thus I found myself heading off Kidderminster’s Glades Leisure Centre in the evening . This was one of those unfortunate occasions where a card comes close to falling apart due to injuries and pull-outs, but they kept it together and ensured that there was still lots going on. The most exciting prospects were the rematch between Danny Batten and Kyotaro Nakao (their first draw was thrilling) and a Black Country vs Birmingham local derby between Tony Bentley & Marc Goddard. Both of these had tonnes of supporters all over the place, but interestingly it seemed like Goddard had more amongst the tables and Bentley more amongst the ordinary section. Class war! As well as being a regional thing, it looked like the representative of the elite MMA establishment vs the champion of us ordinary plebs. It was shaping up to be a classic.

Of course, I ended up missing both of these. The last train back is foolishly early, and with a few (unavoidable) delays in the middle of this card I had to leave. I missed the Vaughan Harvey fight, too, which I probably needn’t have done (I was a bit gunshy after last time).


I still got to see plenty of good stuff. The results are here (absolutely no idea why Johnny Orange vs Alan Lee is listed as a no-contest, though. It was a second round stoppage in Orange’s favour on the night), and I’d have to say that the Joe Whelan’s semi-pro win over Scott Clist was my fight of the night – one of those affairs where one man is convincingly beaten, but never gave up and maintained the possibility of a comeback right to the end. Ashley Smith looked like a name to watch, with a dominating performance over Puzia Kamill (shaky camcorder recording here) including a beautiful picture-perfect upper-body throw. Lee Austin’s spectacular knockout of Dean Bray was also one for the highlight reels.

It is a shame I missed all the big name matches, but oh well. Here’s to the next one.

There’s another account of this on the excellent

(Edit: The Angrrr Management website doesn’t mention the Johnny Orange fight at all. Since presumably that isn’t his real name either, I’m really baffled as to what all this mysterious business is about. Their ‘info’ email address doesn’t work so I’ve PMed one of their representatives on the CageWarriors message board. If I ever get an answer I’ll post further).



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