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Posted in Stage by Russ L on 15 March, 2007

The first of a what will (all being well) be a few trips to The Arena Theatre this month happened on the 9th, to go and see Impetuous Kinship‘s staged version of Gaetan Soucy’s The Little Girl Who Was Too Fond Of Matches.

A girl (this is more initially apparent to us than it is to her) who lived with mine-owner father & drunkard brother in isolation awakes to find the dad dead, and goes off to village to buy coffin. She’s never been off the family estate before, and knows absolutely nothing beyond what her father has told her or she has read in the books she uses as a vicarious life. Realising that the two siblings will be of no use whatsoever when the story gets out further and inevitable questions are asked, the mine inspector follows her back to try and help them out. Darker things are found out, including the nature of the so-far unexplained items kept in their ‘woodshed’ that the girl seems to view with great fondness.

It was an great, multi-layered performance from Marcia Carr. She created such a naive character by being really over-the-top and obvious about some things, and very subtle about others. It worked brilliantly. In the first five minutes of the play I found myself shifting in my seat, thinking the overly theatric nature of her declamations and movements were going to prove wearying; very soon, however, faint notes of a lot more going on were incorporated and I found myself gripped.

It also contained a lot of clever playful language, which is in some way surprising in view of the novel having been translated from French. I wonder what some of her neologisms (‘rememory’ was a nice one) were originally?

Wonderful stuff, anyway, and interestingly staged. Scattered dates around the country continue up to June, so keep your eyes open.



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