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From little acorns mighty antiques grow

Posted in Stage by Russ L on 12 March, 2007

How far I have come. Once upon a time it was far from rare for me to end up writing my blog post about an event a month after it had happened. This one was a-week-and-a-bit ago and this has been the longest delay for a good while. My memory of it has eroded nonetheless, but never mind that.

It was to The Hippodrome on Friday the 2nd, to see Acorn Antiques: The Musical. After somewhere in the region of six weeks of travelling (bloody stupid queues around the Arcadian carpark) we managed to actually get there. Or some of us, anyway.

It’s been many-a-year since I’ve seen any of the original Acorn Antiques sketches on the telly, but I remembered enough to be eagerly anticipating this. Since the touring version of this (sadly) didn’t have any of the big stars from the telly (the London one did. Bah) I was a touch concerned about the likelihood of anyone falling short when directly compared to Julie Walters, but Ria Jones as Mrs Overall turned out to be fantastic and definitely the star of the show.

Manchesterford, anyway, is in danger of losing all of its quaint little traditional shops and changing into little more than a selection of chain franchises, and the mysteries of Babs’ & Berta’s late father’s video-will must be unravelled to save it. Entirely preposterous from start to finish, but that’s entirely the point (as anyone who has ever seen the originals will well know). It’s a nice mix of no-brainer silly humour and Victoria Wood’s always-clever eye for the comedy inherent in everyday turns of phrase. A couple of serious/non-comic songs feel a touch out of place, but other than that it’s priceless from start to finish.

The redemptive power of the macaroon was fully illustrated. It’s good to see such valuable moral lessons being imparted.


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