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Lots of gigs to go to on the 24th of February

Posted in LOTTSADITWM, Music by Russ L on 21 February, 2007

As reluctant as I am to publicise my local-blogging-arch-nemesis The Shiny Shoed Concert Slattern, her weekly Tuesday update is essential for all local gig-goers, in particular those with a yen for the indie-rock side of things. That which one will end up listing in such a post is (obviously) entirely dependant on that which one knows about, and as such I understand if you refuse to believe me when I try to represent the fact that she generally tends not to mention the gigs I find the most interesting-looking as a conspiracy on her part. I think it is, though. She strikes me as the shifty type.

With all that in mind, I’m now going to tell you your plans for both the evening of Saturday the 24th of February and for the next few minutes, and you’re not going to argue with me. You know better by now, I’m sure. On the former, you’re going to go to a gig, since there so very many ace ‘uns taking place. The next few minutes will be spent deciding which.

I happen to think a good way to start would be to go over here and have a look at Madam’s preview for the night. Of those, I myself would probably find cause to slip out of character for a moment and recommend the one at The Academy 2 the most: I have a friend who adores Men, Women And Children more than life itself (as well as them getting a great notice from Baron), and I thought !Forward Russia! were alright when I saw them a while back, despite the fact that the combined forces of their exclamation marks and the way their singer sounds on record give me the perfectly natural urge to dismiss them as a bunch of insufferable tits.

There’s more, though. Oh-so much more, and I couldn’t leave it all unmentioned.

24 (I don’t put a ‘th’ at the end of the ‘24’ because I’m far too cool and tough) February

The Varsity, Wolverhampton: The Destroyers – There are also other bands that I don’t know about playing (starting this thing off with the level of accuracy you’ve come to expect from me). It’s the “Magic Garden Studios Showcase Gig” if that helps anyone; Editors have recorded there before now, and the rumour that they might drop into this gig to play a quick unannounced set remains unconfirmed (mostly because I just made it up on the spot). Never mind all that guff, though – you don’t need other bands when you’ve got The Destroyers. I know some of you will be sick of hearing about them from me lately, but I’m going to keep banging on until you all go and see them. Amazing klezmer/gypsy-folk, danceable as you like but with some great epic expansive bits too. Sadly Paul Murphy won’t be accompanying them at this gig (I checked), but even when you take away the icing you still have a cake. A fifteen-strong cake that plays great music, in this case.

The Hare & Hounds, Kings Heath, Birmingham: The Reverend Ted Chippington / The Courtesy Group / Nadeem Rangzeb / Mills And Boon – Curse the unyielding progression of time and the inability to do anything about date clashes that it creates. I’d definitely be at this one if I wasn’t going to see The Destroyers. It’s an unusual sort of affair, is this – a mix of bands from that little scene that’s too interesting for boring people, and comedians. I don’t know the slightest thing about what goes on in the world of comedy these days (what do you expect from a miserable git like me?), but I am informed that The Rev. Ted Chippington is a big influence on Stuart Lee (as well as once having put out a record backed by The Nightingales, fact fans) and that Nadeem Rangzeb is not afraid to do routines on Muslim-related subjects that (apparently) a lot of comics just don’t want to touch lately. The Courtesy Group are like a alternate-world version of The Fall who can concentrate, and Mills & Boon are like an alternate-world version of Beefheart who still can’t. There’s a flyer, ‘n’all.

J.B.’s, Dudley: Hammerfall / Krokus / The Poodles – Alright, so I’m not actually suggesting anyone should go to this. It’d be funny though.

The King Edward Inn (formerly Chapter Eleven/The Ben Johnson), Birmingham: Mothertrucker / You Judas / Last Chance At Rampton / The Skeleton Cartel – Mentioned here mainly for the always reliable Mothertrucker (huuuuuuuuuuge instrumental rock, beautifully rolling back and forth between eerie creepy-crawly-ism and the sound of the destruction of Pompeii translated into guitary form), but The Skeleton Cartel (Joy Division gone a lot rockier. I’ve heard both very good and very bad things about their live performances) and You Judas (face-chewing alt-rock/prog/shoegaze, involving members of the amazing The Swarm) sound like they could be great too, and Last Chance At Rampton’s vogue-ish riff/different riff/different riff metal could surprise us yet. Here, have a flyer.

The Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham: Trencher / Rolo Tomassi / a big bunch of others – Cut short because I am getting fed up with writing this now. Is adjectivecore making a comeback? Blimey. This is your “really really really really noisy” option for the evening, and in the name of not bothering to listen through all seven bands I’ll just recommend the top two on bill, both of whom I love already. Trencher play hook-filled grind (yes, it’s actually catchy) with fun little Cassio keyboard bits and generally have a live bass sound that you could toast marshmallows on. Rolo Tomassi are one of the best noisy bands in this country, sez me: reigned-in chaos with an average of 7,381 ideas per minute. This gig is not for those weak of heart or infirm of purpose. This flyer is not for those inflexible of spine or sensitive of eye.

That’s twelve gigs between here and there, anyway. Are you really saying you can’t make it to a single one of them?


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  1. throughsilver said, on 22 February, 2007 at 12:28 pm

    I technically ‘know’ one of Forward Russia and though he seems like a nice bloke, I hate the band with a passion. And the singer cannot sing. Worst At The Drive-in ever.

    And go see Hammerfall!

  2. Russ L said, on 22 February, 2007 at 8:26 pm

    His singing didn’t sound quite as bad when I saw them as it does in the recordings. It is well beyond awful on those, of course.


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