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“Don’t think I’m an amateur ‘cos I’m so fly”

Posted in Combat Sports by Russ L on 14 February, 2007

Saturday the tenth of Feb was the occasion of ‘AMMA: The Beginning’ – an amateur Mixed Martial Arts card in one of the suites in Walsall’s Bescott stadium. I turned up and luckily was still able to pay on the door at that point (I gather later on they were having to turn people away).

A great show in every respect, anyway – well run, nice atmosphere, no dumbasses to be overheard making stupid comments about how easy it all is and how they could batter everyone in the ring without a problem, and most importantly every single fight was fun to watch. There wasn’t a single slow-paced bout amongst them. Your results are here (final decision on the result of the Patrick McBride vs Shaun Charles fight withstanding due to a disputed eye injury), and the overall high quality makes it hard to pick a highlight. It’s cool to see Dan Korbely continue his rise to prominence, though; I’ve mentioned him a couple of times before, and he looks fantastic every time.

I tip my hat to Marc Goddard and all of his associates involved in running this. The next one is supposed to be in June, and on the basis of this I’d wholeheartedly recommend it to any MMA fan who can get there.

~ Russ L, trying to recall the name of that darts commentator who ran the charity auction. “One-hundred-and-eightyyyyyyy” bloke.



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