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Venue, Vidi, Vici

Posted in Music by Russ L on 27 January, 2007

A while ago I took part in a survey of live music venues in the West Midlands and surrounding counties, undertaken by Digital Central. The results are now available in PDF form (I found them via a post on Created In Birmingham). It’s an interesting read even if they they have put me down as being from Birmingham, the blighters.

That post, incidentally, also links to a similar survey in two parts that I conducted myself some time back.

~ Russ L, who (on a related note) refuses to be concerned about The Academy closing down, being as it is (to put it politely) a leech-run house of wallet-scalping soul-destroying obnoxiousness. The Civic is only down the road, and while it may not have done as well in my survey I personally find it massively preferable. The Academy can burn as far as I’m concerned. (Edit: Further discussion on this matter is going on here).



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