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Fantastic Showbusiness

Posted in Music, Stage by Russ L on 24 January, 2007

It’s been ages since I last went to a proper gig at a proper venue. Upon examining The List, it appears that the last-but-one night of GDFAF (at The Market Tavern) was the most recent. November! That’s just mad. Everything since then has been either stupidly big (Academy, Civic, Kentish Town Forum), even more stupidly big (NIA), or just abstract (ICC Symphony Hall foyer).

A trip to The Jug might be thought to be a return to sanity, then, but this was no normal gig. I was off to see Frank Sidebottom. Ho yuss. I didn’t know what to expect from his act, really and truly – I dimly remembered him from when I was very young and knew it was a mix of comedy and songs, but no specifics. It seemed like fun, though, and so off I went.

Indeed it was fun, and lots of it. Songs played on his Bontempi keyboard, general musings about showbusiness, life and Timperley (and showbusiness life in Timperley), a raffle, a slide show, and a lecture about looking after pets (“A dog isn’t just for Christmas, is for boxing day too at the very least”). All side-splittingly funny, and Frank himself is really… well, sweet. I think that’s the key to the whole thing, really, his naive loveablenessness. No blue material, either.

I really enjoyed it, anyway. I can’t wait for him to come back and treat us to a bit more fantastic showbusiness.

Photos from homeboy Jon Bounds here.

~ Russ L. You know I am. I really am.



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