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Alice, what’s the matter?

Posted in Stage by Russ L on 7 January, 2007

Oh lord. This was ages ago. I would have written about it earlier (honest guv), but ended up really busy at work this past week. Let us proceed. At least there’s only really this one thing – I haven’t been out and about anywhere exciting since then.

December’s second trip to see “Alice In Wonderland” took place at The Birmingham Rep on Friday the 22nd of December, and was a considerably bigger-budget affair than the last ‘un. I was accompanied on this fine evening by young Olivia, and co-incidentally her mother Nykki. Nykki is of course a colleague at work, and that made this all the more apt. At the time I was somewhat pissed off with work and thinking the place definitely had a lot of elements of “Alice…” about it (combine The Mad Hatter’s Tea-Party with some 1984-esque doublethink and newspeak before sprinkling various bits of Kafka on top and you have your literary comparison).

I’ve seen some bad notices of this play, but the three of us all enjoyed it no end. A musical, but incorporating a variety of different styles beyond showtune type songs (most spectacularly the light-opera-ish sequences at the court of the Queen Of Hearts). Some clever little things were done with the sets (“Alice…” is one that allows you to go as mad as you like with that, really), too. You really couldn’t (or I really couldn’t, at least) see where the mirrors were in the ‘Rosebushes stretching back to infinity’ scene. Having remote control hedgehogs for the croquet scene, meanwhile, was nothing short of ingenious.

It was, perhaps, slightly too long – attempting to cover pretty much the entire book left some of the little ones in the audience a bit fractious by the end, but that’s about my only complaint. I don’t know, perhaps I’m too much of a big kid to look at this type of thing objectively.

Any outing with little Livvy is going to leave the planned entertainment in a trailing second place when it comes to amusement, anyway. Ah, kids. Maybe I don’t dislike them as much as I think I do. I still don’t think I could eat a whole one, though.

~ Russ L, painting the roses red.



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