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It’s behind you… wait, oh no it isn’t.

Posted in Stage by Russ L on 30 December, 2006

“The World Famous Zanelli Franelli And His Touring Company in ‘Eight Pantos In Eighty Minutes’ ” took place at The Arena Theatre in Wolves on the 15th of December. General cock-ups (they happen) led to us being slightly late getting in. Yes, we were that night’s example of those annoying people who turn up late and walk across your field of vision after the play had already started. I was mortified with embarrassment, I really was. Sorry to all. We weren’t the only ones, at least.

The play itself, though, was fantastic. Think ‘The Muppets,’ in terms of a show that’s half a show in itself and half a show about the cast trying to put on the show, if you see what I mean.

Although I know I often seem easily amused, there wasn’t a minute-long stretch of this in which it wasn’t hilarious. Highlights would include “Jack And The Beanstalk” being done in yodel-ay-hi-hi singing style, and “Ali Babar” done with glove-puppets of animals. Hilarious stuff and genuinely suitable for all the family.

More Zanelli Franelli productions, please. I’ve a feeling they could go further with this.

~ Russ L, wondering how on earth he will ever… get… Throoooooooooouuuuuggghhh…



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