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This is what you could consider a Christmas present, I suppose

Posted in Modern Living, Music by Russ L on 23 December, 2006

I just searched for and came across something that I really used to enjoy, once upon a time. I thought I’d share it. Ladies and Gentlemen: Yaz fanzine.

I used to send off for music fanzines many years ago, and Yaz was one of my favourites. Shortly later I discovered the internet and Dave Yaz’s amazing archive of gig reviews. I read them all, y’know. Start to finish. It was in my Halesowen college years, and if me bredrins weren’t around at a time when I didn’t have a class, I’d tend to go on the computers in the library. A lot of that time was spent reading through all of his live music writings, in chronological order. It took a while, as well you might imagine. You weren’t supposed to use the computers for recreation, so I will forever be grateful to him for putting them as simple text on a plain background in a way that could make it easily look like a scholarly treatise on the subject of whatever-have-you.

I don’t know (and have never known) Dave, but I always thought he seemed very similar to myself in a few ways. The ‘gradually and then ultimately getting disillusioned with seeking out new music, largely because of the behaviour and nature of a majority of the people around music’ bit is really writ large at the moment, and in fact was the reason why I today chose to Google for ‘Yaz Fanzine’.

But yes, anyway. Have a read. It’s all good stuff, and (as wanky as this sounds) probably something I’d call an influence on my own tendency to waffle on about events I attend.

~ Russ L, who has two gigs and two plays to write about and will get round to them soon.



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