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Alice? Who the…

Posted in Stage by Russ L on 19 December, 2006

I’m even further out of chronological order than I intended to be. This happened because I’m a bit of a div. I can barely remember what day I’m on today, never mind the order in which things happened a week or two ago.

It was the 9th of December, anyway, when I went to The Mac to see ‘Alice In Wonderland’ as performed by ‘The Luke Players’ (I think. I can’t be certain, since I wasn’t handed a programme. I suspect I there may have been a slight touch of the same problems as here, leading the young ladies taking the tickets to Look At Me All Funny, Like. Apt for a Lewis Carroll tale, I suppose…). December 2006 will forever be remembered as ‘Alice Month’ by me, between this and the next version of it I’m going to see on Friday (as well as other things that we may well come back to later. Cryptic~!).

I hadn’t known beforehand the extent to which this was an am-dram performace, with little kiddies amongst the cast mumbling and forgetting their lines, stuck-on bits falling off the scenery etc. Fantastic! No, honestly. It was a lot of fun, and the general chaos of it added to the Alice-y atmosphere. Less pleasing were the folk in the audience who kept feeling the need to speak (out loud. They weren’t even bloody whispering), but there we are. Serves me right for going out amongst the public, I suppose. The Welsh Rabbit (cunningly adapted there, methinks) was probably the star of the show, although the little kid playing the Cheshire Cat was pretty fantastic, too.

There was even an audience participation bit. Given four options for answering “Why is a raven like a writing desk?”, we collectively opted for “One is good for writing books, the other is good for biting rooks…”

~ Russ L, not like Lewis Carroll really. Not in that way. Honest.



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