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Nice Christmas Outings

Posted in Well, it passes the time by Russ L on 17 December, 2006

I love Christmas. Two nice Christmas-y sort of outings were made recently. The main reason I post this is by way or warning regarding the first, “Aston Hall By Candlelight” (which we visited on the 2nd of December). We went a couple of years ago (they only hold it every second year) and found a little Jacobean fair outside, with lots to look at. This time, there was a little craft tent, and a stall selling baps of spit-roasted-pork, which I suspect had been microwaved beforehand given how rubbery it tasted. After having a look at these we found ourselves with most of an hour to kill and nothing to kill it with, having remembered the last one and arrived early. I’d advise any and all to not do that next time around.

Still, it’s very pretty inside and the re-enacted swordfight involving Sir Lister (I think) Holte was entertaining. Just don’t expect the festivities outside to be as they once were.

The 10th of December saw us have go to the Broad Street Canal Boat Light Parade, in which decorated boats had a little float down the cut for the edification of we the assembled crowds. I had lots of fun and would like to go again next year (if it’s an annual thing) / definitely recommend it, especially if you’re taking kids. Or big kids, like me.

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