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Posted in Music by Russ L on 16 December, 2006

Here I move slightly out of chronological order in my recounting of stuff what done did go and get gone on, and that makes me feel faintly uncomfortable. It’s an uncertain world out there, and you need to cling on to whatever constancy you can. Nevertheless, I think I’m more likely to get through it all this way.

Basement Jaxx on the 6th constituted my second gig at the NIA in a row, although this time the aircraft hanger was half curtained-off for a much smaller configuration (is this what they sometimes refer to as the ‘NIA Academy’?). CSS opened, and disappointed. I’d read plenty about them but hadn’t (and haven’t) yet got around to having a listen. The body-bumping electro I was expecting failed to materialise, and instead we had some fairly insubstantial (faintly electro influenced-) power pop. Maybe they’re better on record, I dunno. I quite liked the singer’s dancing.

Basement Jaxx were responsible for what was by far and away my favourite live set of last year, and one of my favourite ever. This wasn’t ever likely to be as good as that, but boy was it great. They’re just so… dancey. I’m not one who dances, on the whole, but it really is impossible not to at The Jaxx’s gigs. The groove is irresistible and continuous. The music keeps on playing on and on.

I don’t really know any of the new stuff, but opening with “Jump And Shout” worked really well, and they went on to do most of your non-guest vocalist faves. Well, they did “Good Luck” too (and I reckon that’s my favourite of theirs overall) and it blew the roof off the place, even though they didn’t have Lisa Kekaula with them (this I mention purely for information purposes and not to cast aspersions upon the vocalists who were. Also, you haven’t lived until you’ve seen an 18 stone black woman doing a cartwheel). An acoustic version of ‘Romeo’ was interestingly unexpected, “Where’s Your Head At” huuuuge, and “Red Alert” inspiring paroxysms of joy from everyone there.

I’m not selling it all as well as I might since it is very hard to describe something with that was akin to pure joy expressed into an immediate form, but trust me. There are some acts that I like more on the whole, but I honestly would sooner recommend Basement Jaxx as a band to go and see live than anyone else.

Other accounts here and here.

~ Russ L, not joking about the cartwheel.


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  1. Laura said, on 17 December, 2006 at 1:01 pm

    CSS said they thought this gig was rubbish for them… but I’d say after seeing their headlining gig that I think they sound better on record. Then again, the singer was battered. You’ve just reminded me of the existence of Basement Jaxx… I think I might go listen to some.

  2. Russ L said, on 17 December, 2006 at 1:54 pm

    My work here is done.

    *Wanders off into a cloud of dry ice*


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