Call me Russ L

Quantum in Brum

Posted in Stage by Russ L on 3 December, 2006

To The Rep on Friday the 24th, for Tangle in the smaller Door annexe.

You can get a quick intro to the plot here. Mixing quantum physics and personal relationships (is it the current theatrical fashion to incorporate science-y bits? I’m all for it) is an interesting idea, drawing connections between the ‘spooky action at a distance’ of entangled particles and how people could themselves be linked and behaving similarly while living completely separate lives. The ‘moving the furniture about in a stylised way’ schtick between every scene got on my nerves after a while, serving no purpose I could decipher, but that’s the only minor (and I do mean minor) criticism I could possibly make. It was very funny and warm, and the actress who played the ditzy Flora (I don’t know which she was, sorry) was absolutely fantastic.

The current tour of this has finished now, but apparently there are going to be more dates being booked up to April/May. It gets a big recommendation from me.

~ Russ L, soon to change his name to Russe Miguel Allende.


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