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“I’m gonna be a new kind of clown”

Posted in Stage by Russ L on 13 November, 2006

GDFAF was over but I wasn’t finished with going out, not just then. On Friday the 10th of November it was off to The Rep with myself and the parentals, for their production of ‘To Kill A Mockingbird.’

Good stuff. We all know the story, of course (although I have to confess that I haven’t read the novel, only seen the film. While I’m admitting to ignorance, I’ll also own up to the fact that it was only while reading the programme for this that I realised for the first time that Harper Lee is a woman. These crazy American names…), and while this wasn’t exactly the most subtle interpretation you might ever see it was very nicely done with some great performances. The show was stolen by Bettry Jones as a hyperactive and feisty Scout and Sally Tatum as a bitter and baleful Mayella Ewell, but really good turns were also to be found from Duncan Preston (‘Stan From Dinnerladies’ to me) as a stately but weary Atticus Finch, and Richard Heap in his part as bullying lawyer Mr Gilmer.

It’s on at The Rep for the rest of the week and then off on tour.

~ Russ L, saying what he’s said a thousand times before – ‘I really must go and see more plays.’


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