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GDFAF #13: Vultures / More Hate Than Fear / Affirmation / Owning Up / Remains To Be Seen (8/11/6)

Posted in Going Deaf For A Fortnight 2006, Music by Russ L on 9 November, 2006

A slight degree of enthusiasm returned for the last-but-one Goodfaff gig, mainly due to the fact that it was the first sensibly-sized venue for quite a few days. I was greatly tempted by Doro Pesch at JB’s, but in the end took the (probably sensible) decision of going to the hardcore gig at The Market Tavern, as promoted by that celebrated gentleman-about-town Paul Illstone.

In contrast to most of my recent exploits, I thought I’d be missing a few groups here but in the event didn’t. Five bands and time getting a bit ahead of you might generally seem like a bad thing, but I didn’t miss anyone.

I like The Market Tavern, anyway. Nice proper pub feel to it, with reasonably priced and decent quality beer. It’s hidden away a bit, out in the sideroads of Digbeth, and once upon a time the only gigs that ever seemed to be able to get a decent crowd there were streetpunk/trad punk type affairs. Nowadays there are a lot of hardcore type gigs that do well, too. It’s a start.

The majority of people attending this sort of do will generally be a genre purist type, into hardcore, the whole hardcore and nothing but the hardcore. As with some of the other gigs I’ve been to this fortnight, the cognoscenti of any given style of music will probably ring their hands and pull their hair at my suggestions that the more average bands sound samey. I can’t pretend to care, though. There’s a commonly held theory that these people’s opinions about the things that fall into their area of expertise are more helpful than that of the layman, and I don’t agree at all. I’d more or less always rather listen to someone who has shown themself to have a sense of perspective.

With all that in mind, my descriptive ability is for this is not going to extend as far as specific accurate comparisons to other bands, but I don’t really think it’s important. Remains To Be Seen opened, playing the type of non-metallic hardcore that has a slower bit followed by really, really fast bits, with the ‘bop-ba-dop-ba-bop’ drums and the ‘Roh roh roh, ruh, ruh ruh ruh’ vocals. Owning Up, Affirmation, and More Hate Than Fear all played the type of non-metallic hardcore that has a slower bit followed by a merely really fast bit. Vultures played that sort of thing with a vaguely crustier slant to it.

And there we are. Affirmation and Vultures stood out a little bit as having the slightly more memorable songs, but I didn’t like anyone to any notable degree. Didn’t especially dislike anyone, either, and given the reactions I’ve had to some of the ‘an OK example of their type’ bands I’d seen in previous days that’s about the most I could have hoped for.

~ Russ L, going to the last one tonight. I’m not going to know what to do with myself after it’s all over.



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