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Posted in Modern Living by Russ L on 7 November, 2006

I just got ID-d again, in the Martineau Place branch of Sainsbury’s in town.

I haven’t had it for about five years, and now twice in the space of a month. Have I recently started looking younger or something?

It’s on the verge of getting annoying.

~ Russ L, normally a good demonstration of entropy.

(EDIT: Comments have been closed on this post because it seems to be one that attracts a disproportionate amount of spam that gets through the filter. I don’t know why that may be, but it it’s true).

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  1. helen said, on 8 November, 2006 at 5:12 pm

    Son you must take after me. I don’t look my age either. You can keep your comments to your self.

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