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GDFAF #11: Exodus / Biomechanical / Dementia (6/11/6)

Posted in Going Deaf For A Fortnight 2006, Music by Russ L on 7 November, 2006

Only four left. Grit teeth and continue. Off to Wolverhampton for the second leg of my two night ‘proper metal in the Black Country’ interlude. Exodus were the target, at The Civic Hall Bar (it was originally set to be in the Wulfrun Hall but ended up moved to a slighter smaller room. The Wulfrun seemed a bit of an ambitious choice right from the start, to be fair).

Re-evaluation of standard wisdom has proved necessary. I recently had a discussion with someone in which it took far more effort than should have been necessary to convince him that small/DIY gigs don’t have ‘opening times,’ as such. Any door time you see on a flyer is just the roughest of rough estimations on the part of the promoter. Things open when they’re ready. The rule of thumb I tend to use has always been to try to turn up at about half-eight for a three band bill on a weekday, and at about quarter-to/ten-to eight for a four band bill. In the past, that has generally worked pretty well for me. Arriving probably a few minutes before eight to this one (it’s not a precise art when you travel by bus), I found I’d completely missed the first band. Between this and GDFAF events #7 and #10, I suspect a rethink might be needed for these modern times.

The first band I saw thus turned out to be Dementia, who I quite liked. Thrash metal, with a strong hint of ‘Master Of Puppets’ era Metallica about them (ah, for the days when Metallica weren’t a strong contender for the ‘Most Irritating band In The World’ award). Some quite nice sounding melodic choruses and some fun riffs led to me enjoying them a lot more than I initially thought I would when they began to play. Nuts to the drum solo, though.

Biomechanical were on next, playing a slightly less traditional style of thrash metal. Not as good, though – they did suffer a bit from the age-old disease of ‘stringing a bunch of riffs together in lieu of a song.’ The frontman was fantastic, though, a sleazy looking (it was the thrash ‘tache) mini-rock god in waiting.

Old-school thrashers (in a literal sense, as in they were amongst the first wave of these bands in the 80s) Exodus pleasantly surprised me, and I wasn’t in all honesty expecting to like them as much as I did. I’m by no means a huge fan (I only know a few songs), but I was half-expecting them to sound as old as they surely must be, and I couldn’t have been more wrong. They have a huge, heavy sound, and the songs steamrolled forward with all appropriate degrees of power. Effective and fun.

Altogether too much swearing coming from onstage during this gig, though. It’s terrible. I don’t see the need.

~ Russ L, nearing the end (thank flip).



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