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Lots Of Things To See And Do In The West Midlands: November 2006

Posted in Combat Sports, LOTTSADITWM, Modern Living, Music, Stage by Russ L on 25 October, 2006

It looks like a potentially busy month. I’m beginning to question the wisdom of doing GDFAF so close to Christmas, on top of this little lot. Disclaimers: I can’t ensure that these events will go ahead, that they’ll be good, or that I will be going to them. It’s just some stuff that looked interesting, OK?

Wednesday the 1st – Torche/Baronness/Haxan @ The Medicine Bar, Digbeth, Birmingham – The Capsule mark of quality comes into play yet again. I don’t know the top two bands but I’ve heard numerous folk say good things about Baronness, and one of Torche is wearing a lucha mask in the photo on the Capsule site so that’s… well, something. Haxan were quite good last time I saw them. I’m probably not selling this very well.

Wednesday the 1st – Seven Inch Cinema @ The Rainbow, Digbeth, Birmingham – Amazingly, The Rainbow is not a gay pub. I know, I was as amazed as you. I’ve never been to a Seven Inch Cinema event (I don’t really like films all that much, to be honest, although the I can see myself finding the short ones that I imagine are shown at this sort of thing to be far preferable to feature-length ones) but this particular one has performances from the ZX Spectrum Orchestra and excellent krautrock sorts Einstellung.

Wednesday the 1st – Slayer/Children Of Bodom/a buncha generic metal bands @ the NEC, Birmingham – Well, Slayer are Slayer, aren’t they? You can’t go wrong there. The rest of it, shall we say, varies in quality.

Thursday the 26th of October to Saturday the 18th – ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ @ The Rep, Birmingham – I can see a stage version of this being very interesting, in the right hands. It stars that chap who played Stan in ‘Dinnerladies,’ too, who I think is ace. It’ll be interesting to see him in a serious role. Although wasn’t he in a soap beforehand? I forget.

Thursday the 2nd – Gogol Bordello/Bedouin Soundclash/Danko Jones/Disco Ensemble @ The Academy, Birmingham – The ‘Eastpack Antidote Tour.’ Antidote to what? Not having your corporate sponsors quite so proudly displayed? I suppose we can rationalise it on the grounds that greater transparency is probably a good thing. I’ve seen Bedouin Soundclash twice before and like their Police-ish pop-reggae a lot (as uncool as it may be to admit it), but I’m most excited to see self-styled ‘gypsy punks’ Gogol Bordello at this one. Danko Jones are (is?) an OK garage-rock type band (artist?) going by the one song I heard ages and ages ago, and I’ll be very upset if Disco Ensemble aren’t actually a disco ensemble.

Thursday the 2nd – Tiny Ninja Theatre present ‘Hamlet’ @ The Theatre in The MAC, Edgbaston, Birmingham – Hamlet done with little puppets. And why not?

Friday the 3rd – Enablers @ The Hare & Hounds, Kings Heath, BirminghamEnablers are an absolutely fantastic American band who play post-rock-ish (-ish) stuff with spoken word poetry intoned over the top. The Hare & Hounds is a pub that sells tins of Carlsberg Export for a quid each from the bar in the gig room. The supporting acts are Last Of The Real Hardmen and the fandabedozie The Arm. There is no reason not to go to this gig.

Sunday the 5th – The Klopeks @ The Actress & Bishop, Birmingham – Apparently The Klopeks are doing a fireworks night gig, although as you can see from that link they prefer to lead a shadowy existence and not tell anyone anything about it.

Sunday the 5th – Entombed @ J.B.’s, Dudley – Yeah, I was surprised (but happy) to learn that they were still going too! This is part of the terrifyingly named ‘Masters Of Death’ tour, also featuring Dismember, Grave, Unleashed, and Exterminator.

Tuesday the 7th – Rancid @ The Academy, Birmingham – Ranceeeeeed!

Thursday the 9th – Motorhead / Clutch @ The Academy, Birmingham – It’s the annual autumntime tour for the legends, made even more appealing by the fact that The Best Rock Band Currently Operating are in support. Clutch rule my little world, they really do.

Tuesday the 14th – Manatees @ Scruffy Murphy’s, Birmingham – I’ve no idea about the band, I’m just mentioning this one to give me an excuse to link this. I would also like to unearth the photoshop that Maxine did of the hardcore manatee ages ago, but I can’t find it. The thought is there.

Tuesday the 14th to Saturday the 18th – Slava’s Snowshow @ The Hippodrome, Birmingham – I am very excited about Christmas a-coming.

Wednesday the 15th – Amy Winehouse @ The Academy 2, Birmingham – Let’s play spot the difference:

Juventud Guerrera
Recent pics of Amy Winehouse

I joke, I joke. I’m in love with her really.

Friday the 17th – Black Cobra/Blutch/Mothertrucker @ The Jug Of Ale, Moseley, Birmingham – I’m having a listen to the songs on Black Cobra’s MySchmekel as I write, and they sound like they punch quite hard and would be bosting live. I’ve already written about Mothertrucker far too many times for anyone to possibly still be interested. I refuse to listen to Blutch beforehand in case they spoil my hope that they just play Clutch B-sides. I’d lose the will to live.

Saturday the 18th – Upcdowncleftcrightcabcandstart/ Mothertrucker/Una Corda/Haxan @ Chapter Eleven, Birmingham – An absolutely bosting line-up, headed by Upcdownc who had me nigh-on speaking in tongues with pure rapture last time I saw them. It’s the same night as Neurosis play in London, though. Decisions, decisions.

Thursday the 23rd – Beverly Knight @ The Civic Hall, Wolverhampton – The nation’s favourite Black Country soulstress comes back home again. Our Bev.

Friday the 24th – Conflict / Subhumans @ The Academy, Birmingham – Yes, that’s Conflict and the Subhumans playing at the Carling Academy. I can’t off the top of my head imagine anything more bizarre. I doubt it’ll actually happen, to be honest.

Sunday the 26th – Capdown / King Blues @ The Barfly, Birmingham – Do Capdown play emo or ska-core? You decide.

Sunday the 26th – Showport Promotions’ “Muay Thai Superfights” @ The Civic Hall, Wolverhampton – A chance to fulfil your urge to shout “Knees! Knees! KNEES!” in public without anyone thinking you’re strange. I know it’s an urge that plagues me. I don’t have much idea of the card, but here’s a very blurry flyer.

Sunday the 26th – Christina Aguilera @ The NIA, Birmingham – I saw Slaggy Aggy about three years ago and she seemed to be in the midst of a breakdown of some sort. Her long-rambles-between-songs were particularly nonsensical even by the standards of the rubbish people generally tend to speak when you put them on a stage with a microphone, and a few days after the concert we saw the rest of her European tour was cancelled due to ‘exhaustion.’ I honestly can’t decide whether I want her to be more or less sane this time around.

~ Russ L, hoping this might prove helpful to someone out there.


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  1. Jez said, on 26 October, 2006 at 10:02 am

    Top list.

    Can I also throw in the FIG Trampoline and Tumbling World Cup Final at the NIA on the 25th. I have no clue about trampolining or tumbling, but I went to the gymnastic World Cup last year and it was top, so I’m hoping it’ll be fun.

    See you at Enablers.

  2. Russ L said, on 30 October, 2006 at 2:34 pm

    I have to admit to being curious about that now you’ve mentioned it. I imagine I’d think it was the best thing ever for about ten minutes then get bored, though.


    Echo & The Bunnymen are playing at Air (which I liked so much the other night) on the 18th.
    – Some interesting-looking films at The Mac by Philip Donnellan, on the 4th. A bit of local heritage.


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