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HUSH UP! I am Judge Ruffneck…

Posted in Music, Well, it passes the time by Russ L on 25 October, 2006

The first of what could well turn out to be a pretty nifty new series (although I do have some reservations) has been put up over at The Art Of Noise.

“In The Dock” will tackle various popular music-related topics, and in each instance see two pundits put forward cases for the prosecution and defence while those choosing to leave comments act as the jury. Getting stuck straight into the big stuff, the first one concerns The Beatles. This, incidentally, reminds me of a long-forgotten mini-project for this blog. I may come back to that after about a fortnight (and then some recovery time) has elapsed.

~ Russ L, apologising to those who read the title and thought this might be something about The Magistrate’s Blog.



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