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Mistaken for a kid in Kiddi

Posted in Combat Sports by Russ L on 22 October, 2006

‘Twas Angrrr Management’s “Grrround & Pound” MMA card at Kidderminster’s Glades Leisure Centre on Saturday the 14th of October. Having arrived a bit early, after buying a ticket I decided to step out for a quick drinkie. The first pub I encountered was The Taphouse just around the corner, where (for the first time in I really don’t know how long) I was asked for ID by a barman who looked about twelve himself. No matter; they sell one less pint and I am comforted by the thought that perhaps I don’t look like the desiccated old wreck I feel. I wandered a little further and had to wait forever and a day to get served in a practically empty Yates’. From this I conclude that pubs in Kidderminster are crap. I will continue to believe this until I find evidence to the contrary.

The event itself, anyway. I’ve been to two Angrrr Management bashes now and not only were they good cards, I also found there to be a really nice atmosphere at both. You can see the results for this one here, although note that the bottom two there were actually semi-pro fights. The highlight, without a doubt, was the hyper-technical ground war between Kyotaro Nakao and Danny Batten, decreed a draw by the judges. No-one could argue with the closeness of the fight (I’d got the first round to Nakao and the second two drawn, in my armchair way), and it was tense exciting stuff all the way through. Tony Bentley was nowhere as big as last time he fought, but still conquered in the name of Tipton with his Clinch Knees Of Black Country Justice. Jake Blyth vs Alan Watson was a bit slow with a fair bit of hanging on from Watson on the ground, but I still wouldn’t say boring (and since that was about the worst of the night everyone’s a winner), whereas Jazbutis vs Dummer proceeded in a similar fashion but in a much more exciting way, both men constantly working for position. Ross The Boss was absolutely dominant, and once again showed how great the welterweights are at the moment.

I had to leave after the first round of Tengiz vs Costello (the latter already looked a bit of a mess by this point, so it wasn’t like the outcome was in doubt. It was more of a methodical demolition than the wild Tengizing we usually see, but no less scary for it), and despite running half of the way back to the train station I got there just in time to see it pulling away – about five minutes early. ‘Grrr’ indeed.

(There’s an account of this here. The same geezer has also written something about it on the Angrrr Management homepage, but he recycles a few paragraphs from that one and I assume it’ll disappear eventually anyway).

~ Russ L, giving a big thumbs up to Angrrr Management even if other things went badly.


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  1. Fancyclown said, on 30 October, 2006 at 12:37 pm

    Kidderminster, shudder. I remember going swimming at forest glades when at my cousins, I thought Kiddie was a hole when I was a kid, and I wouldn’t go there ever again even if my most favourite band in the world were playing in that hole of misery.

  2. throughsilver said, on 30 October, 2006 at 6:41 pm

    I’m still getting over the concept of Neurosis playing in Dudley.

  3. Russ L said, on 30 October, 2006 at 7:42 pm

    (Putting aside the fact that I really don’t see the relevance) Neurosis used to play everywhere, once upon a time. Now they hardly play anywhere.

    The Glades leisure centre is where this card was actually held, Fancyclown (any relation to Evilclown?). Not in the swimming pool, though.

    And will no-one step up to defend Kiddi (and possibly its licenced establishments) against all this invective?

  4. Fancyclown said, on 31 October, 2006 at 2:02 pm

    If you like monstrous 60’s architecture then I recommend it.

    I think during a live performance of Bottom, one of the two said Kidderminster was the worst place in the world.

    I did spend my first 7 days on earth in Bromsgrove though.

  5. Russ L said, on 1 November, 2006 at 6:45 pm

    Forrest Glades Arena: ‘small but perfectly formed’

    I’d dispute a couple of things in that article, though, not just that.


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