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Posted in Combat Sports by Russ L on 9 October, 2006

There have been (and are due to be) tonnes of local boxing cards lately, but the one at Walsall Town Hall on Saturday the seventh was the only one from this little volley that I actually got to. I was accompanied by young Nyki from work, who really is a sweetie.

With the card reduced to a four-bout affair (apparently due to inability to find a heavyweight opponent for Matthew Ellis), the opener saw the debuting Sam Horton convincingly beat Tony Randell (wasn’t he a singer?) by points over six rounds. A solid win, but the armchair critic in me felt that he often left out an inviting and very still target in the form of his chin, and that this might well have been capitalised upon by an opponent capable of throwing a few punches that weren’t grand dramatic gestures. Early days, though.

Fight of the night followed, but mostly for comedy value. West Brom’s Marcus Portman took the second decisive points win of the evening, over Cambridge’s Ben Hudson. I’ve seen the latter box before (and I think I may have mixed him up with Dan Thorpe a bit in my memories), but I’m sure he wasn’t as funny last time as he was here. Barely a moment went by without him gesturing, waving his arms about, and talking to his opponent and/or the audience (“Bloody hell, I’m getting tired now…”). I was in stitches, as was more or less everyone present who wasn’t a hardcore Marcus Portman supporter- including Marcus himself, at times. Comic genius.

How can you follow that? The Rob Hunt roadshow, that’ll do. I’ve been present at all three of his pro fights so far, and his initially huge and loud fan club gets huger and louder every time. He’s not in and of himself the most exciting fighter to watch, having employed in the last two fights a cautious (but very effective) counter-punching game based around precise and powerful jabs, but there’s always such an amazing atmosphere with the masses of people chanting and you can’t help but get drawn in. The third convincing points win of the evening.

The top-liner was a shame. I’ve become a fan of Walsall’s Matty ‘Too Hot’ Hough (and accompanying Ladies Who Don’t Wear Very Much), and it wasn’t pretty to see him take his first professional loss to Norwich’s Danny McIntosh. He seemed a bit more awkward and less fluid than usual (this was at light-heavy and if I recall correctly he normally fights at super-middle – could that account for it?) and after a while McIntosh seemed able to drop jabs on him at will. Matty hit the deck on the bell at the end of the fifth; after he was staggered by a couple of solid shots about thirty seconds into the last round the ref was waving his hands.

A shame, but I’m sure he’ll be back.

Another account of this can be found here.

~ Russ L, hoping Ben Hudson gets booked to fight more frequently around these parts.


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  1. . said, on 2 November, 2006 at 12:23 pm

    do u know when the next one ia walsall?

  2. Russ L said, on 3 November, 2006 at 10:19 am

    Assuming that – after we translate that into English – you’re asking me if I know when the next boxing card in Walsall is: No, I don’t.


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