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Lots Of Things To See And Do In The West Midlands: October 2006

Posted in Books, Combat Sports, LOTTSADITWM, Music, Stage by Russ L on 4 October, 2006

I was going to do something along these lines for both August and September, but didn’t get around to it. Disclaimers: I can’t ensure that these events will go ahead, that they’ll be good, or that I will be going to them. It’s just some stuff that looked interesting, OK?

Friday the 6th – Boxing @ Dunstall Racetrack, Wolverhampton (PJ Promotions) / Saturday the 7th – Boxing @ The Town Hall, Walsall (PJ promotions) / Tuesday the 9th – Boxing @ The Holiday Inn, Birmingham (Pat Cowdell) – There’s absolutely loads of boxing going on in the space of a few days. I won’t be at the Wolves one, since as far as I know it’s one of these ‘dinner show’ efforts where you’re obliged to pay a fortune extra for the privelidge of a meal and a comedian when all you wanted to do was watch the boxing. I will be at the Walsall one (all being well), which features the always good value Matty Hough. The third I’m not sure about – even though I would like to see Chris Rice in boxing rather than MMA, and I would be intrigued to finally see Robert Norton fight, there’s always the question of money. I don’t know which Holiday Inn in Birmingham it is, either. There are at the very least a couple.

Saturday the 7th – Seth Lakeman @ The Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton – I’ll most likely be at the boxing, as above, but young Sethnam is very good and definitely worth seeing.

Sunday the 8th – Lacuna Coil @ The Academy, Birmingham – I like this Italian goth-metal band (put it like that and they suddenly sound a lot less enticing), but I’m not sure how much. This gig will allow me to find out, I think. Given that it’s taking place in a venue most easily comparable to the inside of Satan’s anus and that the supporting act (Devildriver) feature a chappy who used to be in Coal Chamber, Lacuna Coil better bloody well be good.

Wednesday the 4th to Friday the 13th – The Birmingham Book Festival – Yet another slap to the smug, smug faces of those who would claim nothing ever happens in Birmingham. All sorts of talks are a-happening, a few of which I’ll mention here. They include…

Tuesday the 10th – Billy Bragg’s “The Progressive Patriot” @ South Birmingham College, Digbeth campusBraggy is always interesting on the subject of patriotism and how national pride doesn’t necessarily need to be all “rah rah rah kill the Germans”, and here he talks about his book on the subject. Boo sucks to date clashes – I really would like to go to this, but after much umming and arring I think I’m nevertheless opting for…

Tuesday the 10th – Public Enemy @ The Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton – Genuine legends, and I’ve never seen them before. As such they very narrowly win out over Braggy. That comparison makes me sound a lot less enthusiastic about this than I actually am, though – this is going to be amazing.

Wednesday the 11th – Richard Dawkins’ “The God Delusion” @ Central Library Theatre, Birmingham – It’s Richard Dawkins, for crying out loud (part of the Brum book festival again).

Friday the 13th – Julie Walters – “Maggie’s Tree: A Novel” @ Adrian Boult Hall, Birmingham – Book Festival again, and upgraded from the library theatre due to public demand. I bet if we all behave ourselves she might even mention ‘Acorn Antiques.’

Friday the 13th – The Big Bang / The Twang @ The Flapper & Firkin, Birmingham – Unlikely bedfellows but two very good bands – dark and powerful 80s Matchbox-come-BRMC rock ‘n’ roll vs loud and lairy Happy Mondays-meets-The Streets baggy. Also on the bill are The Gravity Crisis and the horrendously named Untitled Musical Project. (EDIT: I’m not sure that The Twang are still playing this. Oh well. The Big Bang are still very good).

Saturday the 14th – Angrrr Management’s “Grrround ‘n’ Pound” MMA card @ The Glades Leisure Centre, Kidderminster – An absolutely amazing card, if it all goes as advertised. Lovstad vs Costello, Batten vs Nakao and Ewin vs Cook are all fights that much bigger promotions would be proud of putting on, and the card also includes the mighty Ross ‘The Boss’ Mason. And Tony Bentley. You’ve gotta love Tony Bentley. (EDIT: We’ve lost a Sinead O’ Connor lookalike, but gained a barrrbarian: Current card).

Sunday the 15th – Showsport International’s “First Step Road To Tokyo” K1 & MMA card @ The Civic Hall, Wolverhampton – An eight man heavyweight K1 tournament, with other K1 and MMA bouts as garnish. That’s right, I said heavyweights – there will be clubbering and lots of it. When I think of heavyweight kickboxing in the West Mids, my thoughts always turn to Barrington Patterson, so I really hope he gets booked for this. Every night I spend at least an hour praying that, one day, Barrington Patterson and Tony Bentley will fight each other.

Sunday the 22nd – Crippled Black Phoenix/Voice Of The Seven Woods/Esquilax @ The Medicine Bar in The Custard Factory, Digbeth, Birmingham – A gig courtesy of those benifecent young ladies at Capsule. CBP feature alumni of bands such as Electric Wizard, Iron Monkey, Mogwai, 3d House Of Beef and loads of others, and make what I imagine would come across live as quite the convincing atmospheric racket. I didn’t see Voice Of The Seven Woods at Supersonic but heard nothing but good things about their/his psychedelic folk from those who did. Esquilax are a band I’ve generally found better in theory than practice, but a lot of people love them more than a fat kid loves that dream where he force-feeds cake to Jamie Oliver until he chokes and dies. And what do I know, really? As much fun as it sounds, I won’t be at this gig. I should, ideally, be at…

Sunday the 22nd – Tunng @ The Glee Club, Birmingham – I’ve spent enough time going on about Tunng in the past (both on this blog and elsewhere) for you to know that I rate their oddfolk very highly. They’re not a band to be missed.

Thursday the 26th – Church Of Misery/Sourvein/Nog @ The Jug Of Ale, Birmingham – It’s Capsule time again. Church Of Misery are Japanese and Loony; Sourvein are American and Southern; Nog are Brummy and Meshuggahrific. If you’re not sold already then I don’t think there’s much hope for you. This will also be the opening night of Going Deaf For A Fortnight 2006, for which (as you can tell from the dearth of gigs between here and the end of the post) I need lots more ideas and suggestions. Get to steppin’, gang.

Tuesday the 31st – The Klopeks’ annual Halloweenorama @ The Actress & Bishop, Birmingham – Pirate-Influenced-Jolly-Haunted-Fairground-Soundtrackers The Klopeks have a big super-duper special Halloween gig every year, and I never manage to go to it. This one won’t be any different. Ah well. A ‘secret yet mixed bag’ of other bands is promised; so is apple bobbing. I hope that’s not being used as a euphemism for something else.

Tuesday the 31st – David Benson’s “Haunted Stage” @ The Town Hall, Stourbridge – I draw to a close, appropriately, with the last event I will attend this month. This’ll be the third of David Benson’s stage shows I’ve seen, and the previous two have unreservedly fantastic. He’s very funny, he sings, he dances, he does very good impressions – it’s like being in the olden days when celebrities were actually famous for doing something, rather than for being famous for being famous. Only he’s not all that famous, so I’ve painted myself into a corner a bit there. I’m going to stop saying the word ‘famous’ now. Promise.

~ Russ L, suggesting that all of these things are worth considering at the very least.


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  1. Tom Podmore said, on 7 October, 2006 at 12:05 pm

    The Holiday Inn is in the centre of Birmingham, near Hurst st. That is a Monday and is a dinner show. Chris Rice isnt a very good boxer: no head movement, wooden, no jab, a plodder. He isnt boxing, anyway! Tom Podmore.

  2. Russ L said, on 7 October, 2006 at 12:36 pm

    Cheers boss, thanks for the tip. I’ve seen Chris Rice fight MMA before, as I’ve said, but never boxing. It’s irrelevent, anyway (although I’m sure I saw his name on earlier versions of the card).

    Dinner shows. Bah.

  3. Chris C said, on 9 October, 2006 at 7:14 pm

    following the link to that Capsule website, I see that they have Red Sparrowes soon too.

    looks like a good outfit, this Capsule. Some good shows. I can see why you’ve mentioned them here and before on this blog.

  4. Russ L said, on 10 October, 2006 at 7:49 am

    I didn’t mention Red Sparrowes because I’m not too sure they fit the initial rubric of ‘stuff that looked interesting.’

    The Capsule gal dem are indeed absolute stars. Not only do they put on fantastic gig after fantastic gig, they also do a lot to help other local events and artists.


    More interesting stuff (that I didn’t know about when I first put this post up):

    Rolo Tomassi at Scruffy Murphy’s in Birmingham on the 22nd.
    The Klopeks at Scruffy Murphy’s on the 12th and at The Barfly in Digbeth in Birmingham on the 22nd.
    – Two boxing cards on the 26th (at The Civic Hall in Wolves and The Town Hall in Dudley).

    Always with the date clashes.

  5. Russ L said, on 22 October, 2006 at 9:17 am

    A few more add-ons:

    Kickboxing at Walsall town hall on the 28th.
    A hip-hop do with a fantastic line-up at Air on the 27th.
    ‘The Photophonic Experiment’ at The MAC on the 28th looks interesting.


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