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Posted in Blogstuff, Modern Living by Russ L on 10 September, 2006

The first and main thing to report in this miscellanea-styled post is that I’m going to have a stab at carrying on the torch of Mr Pete Ashton’s “Going Deaf For A Fortnight”. This is a mighty big pair of shoes to attempt to fill, but I’m going to have a go. More on the subject soon.


In an older version of this blog, where each post took up a page of its own, I often used to write about a few events in one (as you’ll see if you look at the older archives). Switching to the current ‘scroll down a bit to see some more’ format has made that method seem somehow less appropriate, but I think I might do a couple of digest posts to get some of the last month’s backlog out of the way, at least up until things I can remember slightly more clearly. It really is a bit worrying that I feel faintly uneasy about letting things go by without writing about them (in however a cursory fashion as it may be, and trust me it will be).


Given that said posts will take us away from chronological order by at least a little bit, I’ll point out here that my latest tilt at Jimmy The Gloves took place on Saturday the 19th of August (I think that’s the right date), and – although in the familiar venue of The Briar Rose – consisted of Chess rather than Scrabble. The result was an aggregate defeat for me, as usual. I did better than I expected, given it this was the first time I’d played chess in a good many years, but of the two games played I ended up with one stalemate draw (down to a king and a rook each), and one loss (bah). Will I ever defeat this man?

~ Russ L, still hoping for Vale Tudo for our next encounter.



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