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Mothertrucker Birmingham Residency (Tuesday)

Posted in Music by Russ L on 10 September, 2006

Right, this gig was over a month ago now and I remember little beyond the vaguest impressions. To The Flapper on Tuesday the 8th of August, it was, for the second Mothertrucker Birmingham gig in two days. Fate ensured they didn’t have a chance to get all big-headed after headlining at The Barfly the previous day by putting ‘em first on the bill at The Flapper this time.

After the previous night’s Epictrucker, this one was Funtrucker. Clearly some alcohol had been imbibed, leading to their playful side coming out and allowing choons like ‘Creeping Leffe’ to put smiles on everyone’s faces. A blast of old stuff at the end made for a bit of a change, too, and Shouting Man added his contributions for the second night running.

Crap band names continued as Mt. (formerly known as CtrlAltDelete. Oh, mercy…) occupied the slot in the middle. Typical post-rock, not striking me as anything interesting – they didn’t manage to convey any particularly wide sense of dynamic range, and as a result ended up sounding like one long jangly guitar tone from start to finish. I wouldn’t say they were terrible, but I was a bit bored by the end of their set.

The crap name biscuit was taken by (deep breath) upcdowncleftcrightcabc+start. No, really, that’s their name. Unbelievable. It almost goes far enough to start mitigating how ace they were, but since they really were ace no harm has been done. By turns beautiful and annihilating, their post-rock had a bit of Neurosis-esque violent sweep about them (not to mention some Neurosis-esque tribal drumming) while developing their themes onwards and onwards into absolutely breathtaking crescendos. I really was chuffed. I bought their album. That’s great, too, but everyone really needs to see them live.

~ Russ L, squinting back into the depths of time.


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  1. Chris C said, on 12 September, 2006 at 6:02 pm

    great line-up for a show. There are some awesome instrumental bands around at the mo, and I love the way they all seem to be touring together frequently. It feels like a proper scene :)


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