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Mothertrucker Birmingham Residency (Monday)

Posted in Music by Russ L on 27 August, 2006

And so, at the beginning of August, local rockistas Mothertrucker went out on their first tour. Alongside dalliances in Scotland, the East Mids and the Deep South, there was due to be a Birmingham & Black Country leg. This was curtailed to just Birmingham when the Wolves gig was cancelled and a Brummy replacement found. A two day Birmingham residency thus came together.

Monday the 7th was at The Barfly. This was an opportunity to meet up with that good ol’ boy Matt Pratt & his new special friend ‘Chelle, as well as a chance to see the doings of Tommy of Random Conflict, who I went to school with many a-year ago. He wasn’t Tommy of Random Conflict then. He was just Tom at the time.

I arrived to find Redjack already on, and enjoyed what I saw a lot more than I expected to after the first few minutes of hearing them (the lesson of not being unnecessarily cynical is always one worth re-learning, of course). In a stylistic sense they were just your ordinary grungey basic rock, but their songs sounded pretty good and they seemed to bring both melody and groove. We’ll not go mad, but I approved.

Slab were on second, with a sound somewhere between Tool-ish churning rhythms and Machinehead-ish basic modern metal (I know in theory the two cancel each other out, but still…). They were OK, with some good riffs and good bits to some of their songs.

Random Conflict were on next, featuring the aforementioned Tom. Metalcore business, and they like their beatdown parts (in fact, although the songs on their MySpace page don’t sound like it, live they came across as nearly all beatdown from start to finish). Bags of energy, though, and they gave it good & proper onstage. Again I’m not about to get overly gushing but I did enjoy their set.

Mothertrucker finished the gig (‘headlining’ at The Barfly, eh?) with one of their ‘large’ sets. They do vary a bit sometimes, but this was definitely what I’ve recently christened Epictrucker. Big, broad swathes of guitar play across the rhythms, and the thought that came to mind was a glacier sweeping across the landscape. Breathtaking.

Also worthy of note: A) the way the light was reflecting from Chris’s guitar looked fantastic, with beams of illumination strafing out into the audience; and B) the chap who was shouting along, even though they’re an instrumental band. That shows resourcefulness.

There was a nice atmosphere to this gig. I did like the fact that it although was really clear that each band had attracted their own group of fans (and plenty of ‘em, too – not to knock anybody’s drawing power or anything like that, but I was expecting sparseness. I was wrong. 70-odd punters turned up, which is amazing), most people seemed to stick around to give everyone else a fair listen. You don’t always see that. Thumbs up.

~ Russ L, who as usual desperately needs to get this blog up to date ‘cos he’s really not going to have a lot of time over the next fortnight.


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  1. James said, on 28 August, 2006 at 10:49 pm

    It was a good gig, I would’ve liked to have seen Chris’ light thinggy as pointed out and shouting man needs to be seen more! A great first outing!


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