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Posted in Music by Russ L on 4 August, 2006

On Tuesday the Eleventh of July it was off to The Barfly with me, for a gig line-up that was certainly… well, a bit different to the norm (I know, before we start, that to anyone with a sense of perspective all this noisy guitar stuff sounds pretty similar. I have a certain amount of sympathy for that point of view, but in this instance we’re looking at groups of people who wouldn’t normally be seen dead with each other too). Fringe-wig-wearing industry leaders Bring Me The Horizon were a-playing, supported by my favourite local slude‘n’grinders Mistress.

It was set to be Wella Shockaves vs vomited-up-cider-and-kebabs in a fight to death. I was expecting either comical or violent (and thus, again, comical) scenes, but I was being a touch too optimistic. What actually happened was always going to be far more likely.

I arrived to the sold-out gig (lucky I’d bought a ticket from The ‘Stress at their Flapper gig the previous week) in time to hear the last couple of songs from openers State Of Serenity, a local band who play loads of gigs but I hadn’t actually seen previously. They seem to exist at the more metal end of modern singy metalcore, and neither of the songs I heard sounded too special (one had a really annoying repeated chanting bit, in fact). Perhaps their better stuff came early on. Pass.

This was, as far as I recall, the most nonplussed I’ve ever seen an audience in front of Mistress. Drunk did his best hardcore style hype-‘em-up-shouting-over-feedback thing (and you could tell he was loving the chance to do it in a big venue) as they began, succeeding in getting the crowd to part but completely failing to get anyone to move when the music crashed in. Such, loosely, was the pattern: the winning over of- or massive angry stage invasion by- the kiddies that I’d hoped for failed to happen, and they all just watched politely. Justifiable so, sadly – the terrible sound didn’t help (I know Mistress are meant to sound quite ragged, but this was awful) and power of The ‘Stress just didn’t carry over the huge room. Shame. This was possibly the first (and thus far only) time I haven’t particularly enjoyed one of their sets.

I’d heard odds ‘n’ sods by Bring Me The Horizon before and thought they were alright-ish: not especially good or bad, just alright-ish. The part of their set (I left early. Yes, again) I saw on this occasion didn’t change that at all – in a live setting their choppy-changy-riff-angst thang sounded a lot more metal and a fair bit more deathly than I expected it to, but I still couldn’t hear anything remarkable. Average-ish for as long as I watched.

A bit of a disappointing evening, overall.

~ Russ L, linking-far-too-many-words-with-dashes.



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