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Let there be lighting

Posted in Music by Russ L on 4 August, 2006

I’ve said this before and there’s no doubt whatsoever that I’ll end up saying it again before long, but I really need to get on with catching up with this – not only do I have Supaaarrrgghsonic to write about, but also stuff relating to the biggest wedding since Madonna and Whatsisface.

On Friday the 14th of July it was off to Scruffy’s for a gig that I gather was promoted by the Iapetus Records mans dem. I tried my little hardest to get there early to see all of the bands, but found myself assailed by late/missing buses. Arriving halfway through Montana (advertised as being on first) didn’t seem to be too bad going, but I found out after they’d finished that there had been a bit of a reshuffle and Mothertrucker had already been on before them. Blast.

Montana themselves were ace, and I liked them a lot more than first time I saw them (I quite liked them that time, but this one was superb). I’m finding them difficult to describe, though – they seem to take elements from all sorts of different styles but don’t really sound like they do. I realise that won’t make a lot of sense. They have epic build-up bits, noisy riffy bits, the occasionally screamy fast punk bit… allsorts, and it all hangs together brilliantly with a nice dynamic swings. Their singer is a great big bloke. That wasn’t why I liked them.

The lighting during Symmetry’s set was awesome. The ‘bathed-in-blue’ effect looked especially good with a bit of dry ice. Apparently it belongs to the band themselves, which is surprising (it seemed unlikely that Scruffy Murphy’s might have invested in new lighting but even moreso to imagine that small/DIY touring bands would have such a thing with them) but something I applaud – it’d be great if more bands put that sort of effort in. I bet it ain’t cheap though. I digress, anyway – they played mostly instrumental Neurosis-y/Cult Of Luna-y sort of stuff (hardly rare these days) but varied things a touch with a few more song-based loosely Earthtone9-ish tunes. Not bad (not great either, but not bad), although I do think their set went on a bit longer than it needed to.

Bossk (it’s pronounced ‘Bossk,’ rather than the ‘Bosskay’ I had previously assumed. I’d got the idea that the ‘k’ was supposed to be capitalised, though, dunno where from. I’m glad it isn’t) were a more typically post-rock type of band, in (I suppose) a Red Sparrowes type of mould. Of the two touring bands at the top of the bill I enjoyed Bossk’s set more than Symmetry’s (the lighting continued, incidentally), with what sounded (on first listen) like better songs despite more limited sonic scope. That stereotypical thing of their loud bits being better than their quiet bits applied, though. Why do so many bands of this nature end up all one-or-the-other like that? Ah well, doesn’t matter. I liked ’em anyway.

I enjoyed this one a lot more than this blah might suggest. In contrast to the Mistress/BMTH gig earlier in the week, this one just had an air of fun about it.

~ Russ L, picking Montana as band of the night despite my spectacularly crap failure to describe them.



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