Call me Russ L


Posted in Music by Russ L on 4 August, 2006

Off to the (soon-gone, if I hear correctly) Flapper on the sixteenth of July with Comrade Pratt. Know what? It was too hot.

Sunset Cinema Club opened. I’ve no idea where I got the Fugazi vibe from when I saw them last summer, since we’re basically looking at funky indie-pop-rock with odds and ends of all sorts of other stuff thrown in (they occasionally reminded me of fellow locals Project 7, albeit nowhere near as good). No songs particularly stood out, but while they didn’t make me like them or make me want to like them they did go as far as making me want to want to like them. Yeah.

Following Friday’s debacle, this was the tenth time I’ve seen Mothertrucker. Whoo! The double-figures club is an elite group, comprising only them, Mistress, Decimate and Carina Round. You won’t be surprised to see me write something along the lines of ‘another day, another ‘Trucker set’ then, but another ‘Trucker set is more or less always another great thing. Band of the night, even if I have nothing in particular to say about them.

I was keen to see The Arm in a situation where they weren’t being assailed with various troubles, and they didn’t disappoint. I have heard some bemoan the fact that “they sound like they’re playing one song for ten seconds, then they change to another,” but that’s part of the appeal to me. The fact that their hypertechnical instrumental metal songs manage to do that while still sounding coherently like songs (rather than wackycrazyrandomwanky) is a great thing in my eyes, a great thing indeed.

~ Russ L, who can get on to Supersonic next. Finally. I know this one was crap.



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