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Chawk In The Ceeyage

Posted in Combat Sports by Russ L on 3 June, 2006

Saturday the 27th saw myself and Trig off to Coventry to see the latest Cagewarriors show for free. Yup, that’s right – free, gratis, no money down, due to my mad pickin’ skillz. The day nearly went horribly wrong since (unbeknownst to us) trains between Brum and Cov were off and a replacement coach service had to be taken part of the way, but (fortunately enough) we’d planned to get to Coventry pretty early anyway. A couple of hours in The Orange House pub later, we took up our (free!) seats and were (bizarrely) confronted with a TKD exhibition in the cage as a warm-up. It was, to be blunt, crap, but you had to love the eight year old little girl who got a cheer for chasing a big fella across the cage.

Here are your results. There wasn’t a stand-out barn-burner of a fight on the card, but it was still good fun all round. The main theme was Britain (including the usual Brazilians proxying for the UK) vs Germany, finishing up a 4-4 draw over the eight matches in the series and perhaps amazingly not leading to any trouble (England vs Scotland did at the boxing a few days ago, obviously, but I’ll get around to that when I get around to it). The fight of the night for me (if forced to pick one) would probably be Daniel Weichel’s majority decision win over Josenildo “Luquinha” Ramarho – a good ground battle with a nice mix of striking and submissions. I’d actually got it two rounds to one in favour of Luquinha, but it was close enough to go either way. The welterweight scene is definitely where it’s at for MMA on this continent (I was going to list some names but I’ll be here all day…)

The Barrington Patterson vs Thomas Marcinkevicis match (cage kickboxing rules) was great fun to watch, too – a purists nightmare, but great fun. Bazza strode around the cage simply absorbing a load of blows on his chin while waiting for the chance for counterpunch, and when he did it hit like a shotgun shell. A big right hand eventually finished it in the second round. Ross The Boss Mason blitzing straight through Jesse Bjorn-Buckler was a good ‘un, too.

The main event of Alexandre Izidro vs Mario Stapel for the lightweight title was a bit of a snoozer, with five rounds of bugger-all happening, but was enlivened by a streaker jumping into the cage. He was promptly dragged backstage by the security, and I’m sure that once they’d got him back there the one of them nicknamed ‘Molly’ who’d done a long stretch inside was very pleased to see him…

Try here if you want some actual detail about this card.

~ Russ L



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