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Posted in Combat Sports by Russ L on 31 May, 2006

Right then, boxing at Walsall Town Hall on Thursday the 18th of May. Five fights, there were, with the results to be found on this page.

The first fight was a corker, with Malik Khan from Blackburn stopping local Wayne Downing in the third round. Malik took the initiative for the first two, and forced Wayne onto the defensive. Whatever Downing’s corner said to him after this proved effective, leading to him to come out in the third significantly more fired up. Khan was knocked down, but this only served to make him more fired up, backing Downing into the corners and teeing off until the ref stopped it. A few boos attended the finish, but it looked like the right decision to me.

The excitement slowed down a bit as Leeds lad Peter Dunn was consistently outpointed over six rounds by Walsall’s Stuart Elwell (at light-middleweight rather than Stu’s usual welterweight, presumably to avoid any confusion regarding his title in the event of an upset). Stu didn’t look in trouble at any point (all six rounds went comfortably to him), but the sparks didn’t really fly at any point either.

The other dramatic finish of the night came in the third bout, with Stafford’s Rob Hunt stopping Stoke’s Ian Clyde in the first round (much to the loud delight of the horde of supporters there for him), knocking him down like a man pole-axed.

Darren Gethin (I’ve seen all three of the Gethin brothers box now, fact fans. Unless there are more of them) vs Birmingham’s Lance Hall was the fight of the night. Aggressive from the very start, Gethin really went for it and landed a lot on Hall, but his chin absorbed the lot and he remained game throughout. Great stuff, with the tiring Gethin winning the war in the end.

Finally, local Matty Hough (accompanied as ever by barely-clothed ladyfriends) looked a bit baffled at times against Sheffield’s Dean Walker. Right from the off it was obvious that the brawly northern fighter’s plan was to put his head down and charge Hough into the ropes, whacking him with single punches as he did so, and there were moments where our lad didn’t look like he knew how to deal with it too well. Matty never failed to hit a few while Dean was on the way in, though, and these swung it for him. I was surprised by the result – I (and I’d call myself a Hough fan by now) had it a draw at three rounds a-piece, but ref called it 59-56 to Matthew. Each and every round was very close and could easily have gone either way, to be fair, but I was still a bit surprised by the margin.

If you want to read a much better account of this card, try here.

~ Russ L



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