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Pythagorus would be proud

Posted in Combat Sports by Russ L on 19 May, 2006

On sunday the 14th of May it was time for Angrrr Management’s MMA card at The Glades Leisure Centre in Kidderminster. The night was entitled “K.O.”, but given the finishes of over half of the fights it would have been better off named ‘Submission from triangle choke.’

There were some long delays at the start and people seemed to be getting a bit ratty, but once things got going the atmosphere improved and became absolutely fantastic. There were nine fights, and the results can be found here. The Dan Korbely (who impressed me in one of his amateur fights in Walsall a couple of months ago) vs David Johnson match listed there was officially a semi-pro contest, but despite this was probably fight of the night. It was a great back and forth thing until Dan hooked in the triangle, and even after that David hung on for an inhuman length of time, refusing to give up. A really fiery performance from two young lads worth keeping an eye on. I may sound like a patronising tosspot there but my sentiment is good, I promise. My other favourite was the opening Ben Walker vs Lee Austin fight, with both men making their pro debut – a very brawly affair (with some massively entertaining fist-drop type punches into the guard from Austin) until the triangle choke ending set the tone for the rest of the night.

My jaw was led to drop by the demonstration bouts of ‘Black Eagle Stickfighting,’ somewhat randomly added onto the card. The first round saw the combatants wearing helmets and thick padding, leaving me a bit nonplussed. The second saw them removing the padding, provoking winces and murmers of “Ow… Ow… Ow…” throughout the audience as the crack of wood on bone resounded through the arena. That was mad enough, but the final round was brutal. It was, basically, no rules – like Vale Tudo with blunt instruments. They still wore the helmets while standing, but the ref pulled them off their heads when they hit the ground! I’m in pain just thinking about it.

Other highlights included a bunch of lads singing all the way through Tony Bentley’s winning effort against Hayden Buckingham (“There’s only oooooooone Tony Bentley, Only oooooooone Tony Bentley, Walking along, Singing his song…” – I definitely think there should be more crowd singing at MMA events), Danny Rushton’s sideburns (and his victory over veteran campaigner Paul Jenkins, but mostly his sideburns), Lee Sherwood triumphing over Vaughan Harvey in a tit-for-tat spin-kick-o-rama, and Matt Ewin’s clinical display of how to throw heavy elbows from the mount against Jonas Majauskas. Great night out.

~ Russ L



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