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This one is quite rubbish, really. I should learn to write about gigs sooner. Been busy, though. Ar.

Posted in Music by Russ L on 16 May, 2006

Uuuurrrgh, I’m getting too far behind again. On Monday the 8th of May I went to The Medicine Bar for a Capsule gig.

I arrived to find that openers Haxan had already started. My initially thought was ‘just another ordinary slow doom band,’ but as their set went on they transformed into something more like a Godfleshian/’Streetcleaner’ type of rhythmic destruction thing. Good stuff, and they’d completely turned me around by the end of their set.

Einstellung were fab, sounding like a (post-)punked up Neu! and coming across as really dynamic and full of energy. One of their guitarists seemed to be having lots of trouble to begin with but that didn’t get in their way at all.

The sad fact is that I enjoyed both of those bands but over a week later I don’t remember enough to give me much to write about either. Sorry. They were both good, though. I will be seing both again when possible.

I remember a bit more about Tarantula AD, including the fact that they were fantastic. I really wasn’t sure what to expect beforehand – they claim to be trying to merge classical compositional techniques with metal, and on the basis of TheirSpace I wasn’t sure whether they actually meant that or they just included a few violins and cellos. As with everything in life, the reality turned out to be in between the extremes of expectation – there did seem to be a few moments where they explored themes and things (Kayo Dot are better for that in a metal context, really), but for the most part just a really good avante garde rock band. When I said ‘really good,’ though, I mean really really really bloody good. They used a wide array of instruments to create beautiful, textured songs, with a great degree variation throughout their set. I was transfixed.

~ Russ L



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