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Posted in Music by Russ L on 3 May, 2006

Right, better get on with getting on with it.

It was The Barfly on the night of Sunday the 30th, for Polysics. They’re supporting The Kaiser Chiefs on their arena tour and (in the classic fashion of a sensible sized band supporting much bigger stars) fitting a few of their own gigs into the days off while they’re over here, and so as a result they ended up headlining an alldayer otherwise full of local bands in Birmingham. I do sort of wish I’d gone to see them at the NIA, actually – I’m not a big Kaiser Chiefs fan but I do like some of their songs, and seeing Polysics (of all bands) in a huge arena would have been surreal beyond words. Oh well.

The turnout was a good example of what touring with The Kaiser Chiefs will do for you. The first time I saw Polysics it was at The Bar Academy, and it had a reasonable-ish turnout. The second time was at The Barfly, and there were slightly less people in attendance (despite The Barfly being several times bigger than the Bar Academy). This time there was a solidly good crowd. Hurrah! Polysics definitely deserve it. Further evidence comes from the fact that the daughter of a lady I work with went to the Kaiser Chiefs’ gig and apparently came away loving The ‘Sics, and by the sounds of it she’s normally very much your mainstream indie/rock kinda gal. I wholeheartedly approve of such loony bands becoming better known.

This, as I’ve mentioned, was an alldayer with lots of local acts. I turned up towards the end, missing most of ‘em. Once upon a time I would have seen this as absolutely despicable behaviour. Nowadays, I can’t pretend that I care too much anymore. This sounds bad, but blimey – only a small number of people go to more gigs than I do. I’m not trying to brag about that, but I do think that laziness regarding this sort of thing is a very relative concept. There may be another blog entry on a vaguely related subject soon (but then again there might not. Keeping you on your toes, I am).

I did see the last band on before Polysics, though, and so after all of that preliminary blah I suppose I might now turn my attention to the actual gig. The Scare, it seems, are from Australia but have relocated over here. This means that big question marks hang over their personal wisdom already, obviously, but how are they as a band? I don’t know, I’m undecided. The sound was absolutely terrible when they started their set and only got a bit better as they went on, but they played something akin to a much more rock ‘n’ roll-y version of The Blood Brothers and had a lot of energy about them (even disregarding their kinetic stage movements). They did have a really studenty ‘look at me and my haircut’ feel about them, though, and the constant whiny whinging about the crowd not being active got tedious too. I’m not convinced yet but I would like to see them again.

Polysics! Lord o’ Mercy, I’ve seen them three times now and their impact hasn’t diluted at all. Think a loopy Japanese version of Devo, but think… Day-Glo. That’s the best way to describe their music. It’s difficult to attempt to convey their sheer poppy fun (well, you could try using this, found via Pete Ashton), and I don’t think I’m up to the task, but – for your own sake – check them out. Few, few people indeed will regret doing so.

They make a cover of Suzi Quattro’s “The Wild One” something worth doing. How many bands can you say that about?

~ Russ L



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