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Getting a bit Scopey

Posted in Music by Russ L on 2 April, 2006

Irrespective of what I might have said in my last post, I did go to the Grandscope gig in the end. I wasn’t in the best of moods, though. I still didn’t entirely fancy it, and I definitely wasn’t looking forward to negotiating the typical density of the Flapper & Firkin on a Saturday night. As it happened there weren’t toooooo many people, which cheered me up a bit.

While I’m on the subject of The Flapper, many have complained about their policy over the last few months of asking for ID from anyone who looks under 25 (yes, twenty-five). So far I’ve remained silent on the subject, but finally my feelings can no longer be contained – WHY HAVE I NEVER BEEN ASKED FOR ID THERE? NOT EVEN ONCE? Do I really look that old?


First on, anyway, were Selotape. They sounded very very OK-ish indeed. Standard indie rock ‘n’ roll with some bloopy keyboard sounds plonked on. They started off well but didn’t keep my attention (obviously it’s up to every reader to decide whether that’s their fault or mine), but at the very least the bleepy noise that they used in a few songs that sounded a bit like The Clangers has stuck with me. One of those “not bad, nothing specific wrong with ‘em” bands.

The Attika State (not the same band that a Google search of that name will lead you to. I suppose that there’s every possibility that I got this band’s name wrong, but I don’t think I did) (EDIT: Aaaaah… it’s The Attica State. With a ‘c’) were on second, and were a three piece creating the politest-sounding version of AC/DC you could ever imagine. The guitarist/main singer seemed to be trying to either maintain a cool pose against all odds or was really concentrating on something. I’ll guess at the latter – a jawline like that doesn’t stay up without a good deal of effort. Another one of those “not bad, nothing specific wrong with ‘em” bands.

Grandscope were very different to the last time I saw them, and unfortunately not as good. They seem to have become a lot (and I mean a lot) more guitar ‘n’ vox (and some of those vox weren’t too pleasant, at times) oriented, abandoning the Boards Of Canada-with-a-bit-of-Kraftwerk air I got from them before for more of a standard proggy indie vibe. It feels like they’re playing away from their strengths, a bit. I still liked their set, and they were by far the band of the night, but I couldn’t help but feel a teensy bit disappointed.

One of those “not bad, nothing specific wrong with it” gigs, overall.

~ Russ L



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