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Cattle, and creeping thing, and beast of the earth

Posted in Music by Russ L on 1 April, 2006

Tuesday 28th meant going to see Haydn’s ‘Creation’ performed by the CBSO and CBSC. Peter Schreier conducted (a last-minute replacement for the withdrawing Thomas Hengelbrock), with Gillian Keith, Mark Wilde, and Johannes Mannov as soloists. Cor, this is almost like a proper blog with all those links.

Having been to see some of my favourite bits of Shostakovich and Mahler in past three weeks meant that this was bound to suffer at least a little bit in comparison (especially to choral wonder of the latter) but still very enjoyable. I’d never actually heard it before, but as the name suggests it chronicles the seven days of creation and Adam & Eve’s subsequent exaltations of their maker. Very very pretty all the way through, which is obviously a good thing but again after my recent experiences with the previous two I was yearning for a bit of fire ‘n’ brimstone (I suppose, though, that in Miltonic terms that sort of thing came after all of this). Beautiful, anyway – I’ll have to see about laying my hands on a recorded version.

~ Russ L



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